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Talk to Steve

Published on April 25, 2013 by

Have something to say to Steve…..a question, comment, or even an opposing thought to an email you received?

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One Response

  1. Walter Cortes

    Hi Steve,

    I am very happy to receive the two books I ordered from you with your personal autograph, thank you.

    Truly, successful people like you, makes other people stand taller (that’s how I felt having your autograph on one of the book). On the top of all that, I can honestly say without any partiality that you are a no nonsense kind of guy.

    I appreciate you for hanging around with my skepticism, disorganization and what have you. You should have rejected me long time ago already but you kept me. I really look forward to be one of your success story shortly.

    With humility,

    Walter Cortes
    Kona, Big Island Of Hawaii

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