5 Sales Training Tips To Help You Become a Celebrity in Your Industry

Creating a personal marketing plan designed to position you as the only obvious expert of choice requires several steps. No matter what you sell, you would do well to learn these and most importantly implement them.

Sales Training Tip #1


Leverage yourself. Leveraging yourself gives you the chance to build equity and saleable value for

your business. By hiring the right staff to perform revenue generating tasks that don’t involve you,

you’re freeing yourself to create the most possible revenue, and building a business identity that can

be sold.

Sales Training Tip #2


Ignore the advice of those who have marketing degrees from Colleges and Universities.

The most successful marketers I know – the ones who make the most money – are

self taught and have learned from those who actually do marketing instead of from those who teach

marketing. Unless you have an unlimited budget that allows you rent blimps or hire a bunch of frogs

that you can get to set on a Lilly Pad and sing your jingle, stay away from what you see the corporate

guys doing.

Sales Training Tip #3


Use Your Name. Build your brand by using your name (Charles Schwab, Donald Trump and Oprah did

it). You want to build a business with enduring value around your persona, and your name captures

that idea better than anything else. Remember, your clients do not make decisions based on what is

rational — it is the emotional connection they will have with you personally that will impact their


Sales Training Tip #4


Publish. Write articles for your local newspaper and industry trade journals, write a book, create a

blog. Being published enhances your credibility and establishes you as an expert.

Sales Training Tip #5


Saturate the Marketplace. When you think everyone in your area is sick of hearing your name, do

another mailing. Research shows it takes the average consumer up to five strong exposures to a brand

to even recognize and remember the name of a person or product! So even if you think people are sick

of you, they’re not. Keep pushing your brand.   Personal Branding is radical to some people. But we’re

working in radically changing times.
Focus on your Personal Brand — your experience, your character, and your skills.

Turn YOU into THE “brand”.