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Focusing On The Wrong End Of The Problem

Many of the questions I get asked by salespeople tend to be “how to” or “technique” type questions. These questions are most often the wrong questions to be asking. Why? Because only about twenty percent (20%) of sales success can be attributed to technique(s. Simply put, asking technique type questions focuses on the wrong end […]

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Prospecting Part I

The Importance of Prospecting Getting salespeople in front of qualified prospects is typically the number one issue of companies. The ability of the sales force to keep the pipeline full is key to success. Without an effective prospecting system in place, the sales pipeline is weak which creates pressure to be more aggressive in selling […]

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Ten Principles of Subconscious Programming

The human brain is a physiological organ which, through a specific electrochemical process, collects, processes, stores, and acts on information it receives. Information presented to the subconscious mind triggers both a physiological response and psychological response. Any information presented to the subconscious mind is always linked to, and affected by, previously stored information. The subconscious […]

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