Is It Still Football Season?

OK, so is college football season over yet??!! I thought I heard something about South Carolina ending their season on a good note. All I have to say about that is I couldn’t be happier – happy, that is, that their season has ended!! Steve has been wearing that Gamecocks shirt for months and I’m getting tired of looking at it. Yeah, he went to school there like 150 years ago – and I’m NOT talking dog years!! It’s one thing to go on and on about ‘YOUR’ team but unless you’ve actually been chased 50 yards by a group of extremely large linebackers with 30 pounds of equipment strapped to your back then it’s not YOUR team!! The only ownership you can claim in THAT team is that they graciously allow you to make those alumni donations!! Period!

I don’t get all the excitement about football. I’ve been running and chasing balls my whole life and not once have I seen Steve sporting a sweatshirt with my name on it!!

Apparently Super Bowl Sunday is in a few weeks and I almost got excited when I heard talk of that until I remembered from last year that the Super Bowl was not something that was going to end up on the floor full of food for me! Imagine a dog’s excitement at the mention of a Super Bowl. And imagine a dog’s disappointment only to find out that I would still be eating out the bowl by the garage door with a paw print on the inside….nothing SUPER about that!

Maybe with football season over with I’ll get a little attention from Steve. Not the “hey Jake” I’ve been getting when he’s on his way to get a cup of coffee – I’m talking real attention! Like taking me for a walk or tossing me a ball or even kicking one of those stupid cats (ok I admit the cat thing might be mean but I would find it slightly entertaining!!)

We’ll see what happens once football season is over but I’m guessing my level of entertainment isn’t going to change much if Steve has anything to do with it. Maybe I should sign up to be one of his coaching clients – they seem to be the only ones who get any attention around this place!

Until next month……
Your Friend, Jake