Maximize Every Selling Experience

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You invest lots of time and energy in the pursuit of closing more sales and earnings more dough. To that end, it is crucial that you maximize your investment.

Many times when I'm fishing, I will encounter Fishermen at the boat ramps and marinas who have invested huge sums of money on the latest and greatest equipment. One of the lessons I have learned from fishing is that investing huge sums of money on equipment, rods and reels, how to books, DVDs, and videos is no guarantee that you will catch fish or be successful.

In fishing, there will be times when just finding a good seafood restaurant proves the only reward you receive for your investments.

Over the years, I've been acquainted with numerous anglers who believe that buying high end rods, reels, lures, the latest gadgets, fishing books written by famous Fishermen, and DVDs featuring nationally known Fishermen would ensure them a high degree of success. What they did not take into account was how much work, practice and dedication it takes to become a successful saltwater angler. They assumed that a few weeks of practicing was enough to make them skilled enough to catch lots of fish. Then reality reared its ugly head.

Seriously, practice is fine but the truth of the matter is that nothing and I mean nothing can match time spent on the water. Time spent on the water will hone your fishing skills whether you catch fish or not.

So, when fishing or selling, make it a point to learn something new each time you go out.

If you learn something each time you go out, you will become a better angler and a salesperson, and it is only a matter of time before you learn all the lessons that will make you a master.