Sales Advice - Selling is not telling

Sales Advice: Selling is NOT telling

Salespeople have been very guilty rightfully so of talking too much. The outgoing personality style seems to be the style most attracted to selling. There's more of this outgoing personality style and selling than any other personality style. Outgoing…
Steve Clark 8 Sales Advice Tips

Sales Advice: Why You Should Avoid Low Price Buyers

Really good salespeople, really successful salespeople, avoid low price buyers. When they encounter them, they cut them loose quickly and don’t deal with them. If you are to excel in the world of professional selling, I encourage you to…
Steve Clark 8 Sales Advice Tips

Without You There is No Business

Without You There Is No Business If you don’t sell there is no money to pay the janitor, the accountant, operations, admin, the graphics gal, the IT people or even the CEO. You know that, but others you work with don’t have a clue…