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Cultivating an Abundant Mentality Audio CD

What would it be like to continually increase your income and take more time off? Sound too good to be true. It’s not.

Imagine leveraging yourself by developing new ways of thinking that will increase your wealth and literally attract people and circumstances into your life that will help you realize your dreams. Listening to this powerful message will help you develop mental strategies and secrets that will help you attract abundance and prosperity.

Your life as you know it is about to get better …

Join us for this stimulating session and discover why the current circumstances you are experiencing are the result of your thoughts and beliefs. By listening and applying the principles on this CD you will learn how to harness your thoughts and Cultivate Abundance in your business, family, personal and spiritual life.

On this Audio CD you will discover:

1. A new meaning of abundance

2. How your beliefs work much like a thermostat

3. How to use the Law of Attraction to get what you want in life

4. How to discipline your mind to attract into your life what you want

5. How to program your subconscious mind for abundance

6. Practical exercises and strategies to help you Cultivate An Abundant Mentality

Get ready for one of the most thought provoking messages that you have ever heard.

What Other Listeners Are Saying:


"Learning and applying the concepts and principles that Steve teaches on this CD has helped me earn over $1,000,000.00 per year in personal sales commissions."

Kevin Campbell, President, The Campbell Agency, Panama City, Fl

"This CD is awesome. The message is so powerful that I keep listening to it over and over again. It is so inspiring that I have ordered copies for my staff and friends."

Teresa Dos Santos, President, Contract Resources, Pensacola, Fl.


"Through the end of October 2007 I have an almost 100% increase in my business over 2006!

While the money is important, the most important benefit has been the life-changing aspects of your coaching. I can tell you that my life is better because my attitude has greatly improved; I have learned better ways to approach life’s daily challenges. Your coaching has helped me to grow, not only as a consultant, but also as a person. "

Rick Stevens, Surge Suppression, Inc. Destin, Florida

Price:  FREE (Shipping/Handling $4.95)

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