Remember the last time you lost a sale to a competitor when you clearly had a better product at the right price?

Remember the last time a prime prospect said, "I'd like to think it over and get back to you next week", but they never did?

Remember the last time a prime prospect told you that you have an excellent product or service but that they were satisfied with their current supplier?

Remember all those times you made the perfect sales presentation and the prospect told you they weren't the decision maker or they didn't have the money?

These situations are downright frustrating and depressing because you know you should have made the sale. Losing what should have been a sure fire sale makes even a veteran salesperson feel puzzled and empty; wondering why didn’t they buy, what did I do wrong?

If This is Familiar...

You've Come To The Right Place

If you don’t have a clear path to achieving better sales performance and your gut tells you that your current playbook is out of date, you’ve come to the right place; if you realize that the old ways of selling don’t work anymore, and you’re looking for new innovative strategies and tactics that will work in the new economy, you come to the right place; above all else if you are committed to improving your selling skills and increasing your income for you and your family, you’ve come to right place

Dear Sales Professional,

It's Time To Change The Way You Sell

Everyone in sales, including your competitors, has been trained in traditional sales techniques and uses them every day. It’s the same old stuff. Years of exposure have made customers immune and unresponsive. If you follow the old techniques, you will achieve the same mediocre results and success as everyone else.

Work extra hard and you’ll probably do somewhat better than average. But your performance will not be outstanding until you change the way you sell.

But you’re not satisfied with being average that’s why you are in sales. Why else would you have come here looking for ways to improve your sales skills to increase your income?

However you found your way to this site, if you are stuck on sales plateau, if the daily dose of rejection is making you numb and glum, or if you are driven simply to win, then you need selling tools that go beyond the same old stuff.

Our Clients Speak Out

Listen to what Dave has to say about how he learned to quit wasting time with “Tire Kickers”…

Dave Keleher Business Development Manager Landrum Professional, Pensacola, FL

The Sales Accelerator System is very different from anything you’ve ever heard or been taught about selling.

Our system is not a rehash and repackage of tips for getting the past gatekeepers or those nasty voicemail machines. We offer no gimmicks or magic for closing sales or overcoming objections. There are no hot buttons to push. That’s all old school stuff.

The Sales Accelerator System doesn’t teach that selling is a contest between you and the people you’re trying to do business with. It doesn’t advocate or teach you how to bludgeon customers into buying. Instead, it helps you understand why people don’t buy and shows you how to sell them the way they want to buy. It doesn’t use sales resistance as a barrier, but as a source of information on how the customer is processing a decision.

“I have been in sales for over 8 years and have attended dozens of sales seminars. The most informative seminar that I have ever attended was presented by Steve Clark. The Sales Accelerator Training Course that Steve offered was awesome. His one suggestion of receiving 100 yes or no’s landed me 56 appointments in two short weeks!”

Tammy Tibbens, Sr Account Executive Clear Channel, Harrisburg, PA

Why Selling Is Getting Harder

Most sales, marketing and advertising people agree: selling is getting harder every day. Competition is more intense than it used to be. There are more companies, from more countries, selling to buyers, both corporate and consumer, who have less time and attention to pay to your message than ever before.

It’s harder to get in the door, whether it’s the corporate door or the door of the consumer’s mind. And when you do get in, prospects seem to be less interested in new ideas.

Our research shows that the great enemy of informed buying decisions is time – the customer’s time. People don’t have the time they once had for considering new ideas and new products.

To save time, people have become more defensive and less open to change. And they are getting more sophisticated and quicker in deciding who to listen to, and for how long. To break through these barriers, you have to know what your prospects decision processes are, and how to sell to them the way they want to.

Listen to Jane's initial reservations about our training... and what her actual experience was

Jane Fraser, Certified Radio Marketer – Halifax, Nova Scotia


The Rules Have Changed!

If your business is anything like most of our clients, this difficult economy we’ve been experiencing the last two years has presented you with one challenge after another. No doubt about it people and businesses are struggling. What may have seemed like small problems in a good economy when money was easy to come by now looms large and difficult to overcome.

In this New Economy the rules have changed and we are in a new ballgame. Ask yourself:

  • Is constantly searching for your next new customer a painful quest that never seems to end?
  • Do you feel sick to your stomach when you lose a sale, and not know why? Are you confused when customers don’t buy?
  • Does this lousy economy have you feeling stressed, anxious, concerned, and uncertain about your future?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are not alone. This revelation may not bring you a great deal of comfort, but rest assured that we do have some good news.

The difficult business environment we find ourselves in today is tough and it is not expected to get much better, at least not anytime soon. Sorry if that sounds like glass half-empty thinking, but it’s true. However, the good news is that despite how tough it is, not every business is suffering. In fact, many businesses are doing extremely well.

Why Some Businesses Are Doing Great

While Others Are Struggling

Before we answer that, we’d like you to relax, push back in your chair, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to experience more clients, more sales and profits, and more referrals on a regular basis. Feels pretty good right? Almost like celebrating your birthday or Christmas year-round.

And while your eyes were closed, try to imagine how great it will feel when your accountant tells you that your profits are zooming.

If you are thinking this is some sort of pie in the sky celebration. You need to think again, because it’s not.

This is not only happening in my business, it is also happening to dozens of small business owners and sales professionals just like you, who have come to fully realize, appreciate, and implement a different approach to selling – an approach based on the mind blowing and powerful business and life altering strategies that we teach in the Sales Accelerator System

Many of the strategies and tactics included in the Sales Accelerator System were developed during this recession and have been proven time and again to produce routine and substantial gains in sales revenue.

Listen to how Julie used the System to be more efficient...

Julie Hein, Gen Sales Mgr, KZIA Radio, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A Word Of Warning:

To fully understand and implement the Sales Accelerator System strategies and tactics will require a mindset shift. A small adjustment for some. A major overhaul for others!

Why am I offering the general public my Sales Accelerator System

During this, the worst economic period in modern history, many of my private clients are growing their sales and profits, depositing more money in their personal bank accounts and having their best years ever.

Over the last 16 years, I have taught thousands of sales professionals and business owner’s effective sales training. The sales strategies and tactics I taught in the past were effective in the old economy, but they no longer are effective in this new economy. Today, selling successfully in this new economy requires new ways of thinking, and the implementation of new sales strategies and tactics.

Two years ago, when the economy turned down, I began to develop new, secret strategies and tactics only revealed to my private coaching clients. The resulting increase in sales revenue achieved by my private clients, who implemented these new strategies and tactics, has been nothing short of phenomenal.

After seeing the dramatic increase in income my private clients are experiencing from the execution of the Sales Acceleratorstrategies and tactics, I have decided to unleash these new tactics and strategies to the general public.

While these tactics and strategies are new, they will not remain so for very long. Once this information gets out into the marketplace, it will spread like wildfire; they will be copied, ripped off by competitors and bastardized by those attempting to teach what has taken me years to develop.

Those that are early adopters of the Sales Accelerator System will have a competitive advantage and know things that their competitors are clueless about. I suspect this competitive advantage will last about two years before your competitors see the light and start adopting these new strategies and tactics.

Tell Me...

What's Inside?

If you are wondering what the Sales Accelerator System includes here is a sneak peek

Powerful Profit Building Lessons

In these sessions, I will be sharing the most powerful sales strategies and techniques that I have discovered in my nearly three decade career in the sales profession. The strategies and techniques have the potential to blow the doors off of your business! Believe me when I tell you that these sessions will be worth more than ten times your entire investment in the program.

Listen to Scott talk about one successful technique that worked for his company

Scott Fraser, Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sounds Great

What's My Investment?

That’s a fair question and I am happy to answer, but first let me tell you about our unconditional no hassle guarantee.

Our 365 Day 100% No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that if you study and implement the Sales Accelerator System strategies and tactics your sales will increase by 30% or more in the next 12 months… GUARANTEED.If you fail to achieve this sales increase after participating and applying what you learn in our training, you may cancel your membership and we will gladly refund 100% of your investment.


There are many sales training programs and sales trainers in the marketplace.

However, we are the only sales training company on the planet that offers an unconditional guarantee based on YOUR increase in sales.

If you have ever taken any other sales training course and have not achieved your desired result and are fearful that taking another course will be a waste of time and money, you may take comfort in the fact that we are not like any other company. WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!


“My results from working with Steve have been nothing short of amazing. By “letting go” of my ways and adopting the approaches that Steve teaches I have realized almost a 100% increase!”

Rick Stevens, Shalimar, FL

“As a result of Steve's training our organization no longer chases business. We have eliminated a lot of wasted time by changing out beliefs and making customers qualify to do business with our company. My closing rate has changed from 15% to 70% in one year and this year will be my profitable year in four years.”

Craig Breitsprecher, LaCrosse Sign Company LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Before we talk about the investment, let's talk about whether you are a candidate for this high octane sales training.

Who Is This Training For?

  • If you’re a sales professional or small business owner who is tired of spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated and depressed by the constant grind to attract new customers or clients
  • If you are sick to your stomach about not closing deals and not understanding why
  • If you are pissed off by prospects who lie and mislead you and steal your information to shop the marketplace
  • If you’re willing to invest the time and energy to learn and more importantly, implement the strategies and tactics we will teach you

Then you should apply for the limited number of slots we have available for this training!


  • If you are lazy or content with your current level of income and lifestyle this is not for you.
  • If you’re a thumb sucking, curb sitting whiner and complainer this is not for you.
  • If you think someone else is responsible for your success and are unwilling to invest in your own personal growth and development this is not for you.
  • If you are closed minded and unwilling to change this is not for you.
  • If you are looking for a silver bullet or a magic pill and falsely believe that by simply investing in this program your business will be miraculously saved this is not for you
  • If your business is teetering on the brink of collapse, or you’re about to be fired or terminated from your current sales job, you have my sincerest best wishes, but this program is not for you.
  • If you are a professional seminar attendee or course junkie, but not an implementer this is not for you.
  • If you are uncomfortable with straight talk and adult language and cannot handle the truth this is not for you.
  • If you closely resemble any of the above, please do not enroll in this course because this course IS ONLY FOR WINNERS!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention two more important pre-qualifiers.

    If you just want to have access to the training, all 6 Modules, Fast Start Guide and transcripts, and experience how a seasoned professional conducts a dynamic training program, fully intending to ask for a refund after you have ripped off the materials, you should definitely NOT SIGN UP.

    This behavior is not only NOT COOL. IT IS IMMORAL and will cause you bad karma.

    If you are looking for a new revolutionary program that you can swipe, repackage and teach as your own, this is definitely not the program for you either. This information is copyrighted and we aggressively protect our copyright.

    Okay, Sounds Good But How Can You Guarantee That I'll Increase My Sales 30% Or More?

    That’s a fair question. And here’s the straight, unadulterated truth.

    If you are a committed salesperson, and you put forth the effort to master the tactics and strategies that we will teach you and then implement those strategies, YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR INCOME 30% or MORE IN THE NEXT TWELVE MONTHS, PERIOD!!

    If you do not attend the training sessions, or listen to the material or even take the material out of the box, we can’t make such a guarantee. Frankly, you have to do some work – truthfully quite a bit of work. If that bothers you then don’t enroll in the program.

    But if you are willing to make an honest effort, we are willing to give you back your money if you don’t increase your sales 30% or more during the next twelve months… and we are the only sales training company on the planet that offers this GUARANTEE. If you are unhappy for any reason simply call us and return your materials and we will give you a no-hassle 100% refund. Frankly, you have no risk because we are assuming all of the risk for you.


    What's the pitch and how much is it?

    If that is your thought you are headed down the wrong path because investing in your personal growth is never a matter of cost. It is an investment.

    An investment that can never be taken away; and one that pays better returns than any stock, real estate or hard asset you will ever purchase.

    That said, here’s the deal: many similar training programs routinely sell their programs for $1000.00 – $2000.00.

    In fact, one national sales training company charges more than $1500.00 for an 8 week “live” course.

    I know, because that’s what I used to do. Today, with technology, I can offer this online for a fraction of what it costs to attend a “live” event. I don’t make as much money doing so, and frankly, I have to work harder to make the same money I used to make – you are probably having to do the same. In any event, my loss is your gain.

    what do you get?

    In the Sales Accelerator Online Training Course you get the entire Day Long “Live” Sales Accelerator System Boot Camp which includes:

    • 16 Video Modules of the 6 hour long “live” sessions – broken down into bite-size viewable chunks (Value $297.00)
    • 6 MP3s of each of the 6 hour long “live” sessions (Value $297.00)
    • A pdf transcript of each session (Value $197.00)
    • A pdf Fast Start Guide with Handouts and Exercises (Value $197.00)

    Just To Make This An Even More Valuable and Outrageous Experience, I Am Offering Some Amazing Bonuses That Are Worth The Investment Of this Course By Themselves


    This Inner Circle Platinum TeleSeminar focuses on how to create a blueprint for having your best year ever. It gives you step by step instructions to guide you through a simple process to ensure that you have your best year ever.


    In today’s market place everything is considered to be a commodity. On this Inner Circle Platinum call you will discover how to eliminate the competition by not allowing your prospects to view what you sell as a commodity.


    The second easiest prospect to sell is the one who has been referred. Unfortunately, most sales professionals suck at this. On this Inner Circle Platinum call you will discover how to create a referral marketing system that will keep your pipeline full.


    The next 7 people to sign up will receive a FREE 30 minute coaching session with Steve.

    Total Value of the Sales Accelerator Course and the bonuses is $2073.88!!

  • Sales Accelerator System – Including:
    • Module 1 – How To Avoid Being Abused By Buyers
    • Module 2 – How To Avoid The 10 Cardinal Sins Of Selling
    • Module 3 – Developing Mental Toughness & A Backbone Of Steel
    • Module 4 – How To Maintain Control Of The Sales Process
    • Module 5 – Uncover The Buyers Hot Buttons & Get Money Quickly
    • Module 5A – Show Me The Money
    • Module 6 – How To Become A Master Of Sales
  • Bonus #1 –“How To Have Your Best Year Ever” Audio & Transcript
  • Bonus #2 –“How To Differentiate Yourself” Audio & Transcript
  • Bonus #3 -”How To Develop A Referral Marketing Plan” Audio & Transcript
  • Bonus #4 -Free Coaching Session With Steve
  • Your Special Limited Time Investment Is:

    ONE PAYMENT OF $697.00

    Let's Be Candid For A Moment

    There are only three possible reactions you will have concerning investing in this course.

    Reaction 1


    If this is what you are thinking you didn’t read or understand or get what we said about investing in yourself being the best investment you will ever make. Besides that, how many new customers do you have to get before this investment pays for itself?

    Furthermore, your one time investment in this program will develop new skills that you will use forever to increase your income over and over again.

    Reaction 2

    this is cheap compared to other training

    I like your style, and this says a lot about how you view price elasticity – one of the concepts we will discuss in the training. Like everyone in business, we aim to offer an exceptional product for a fair price, and based on what we are offering feel like the value to investment should make this affordable to almost all who are committed to improving their sales skills and increasing their income.

    Reaction 3

    sounds great but i need to think it over

    If this is your reaction, I pity you, and I can promise that you are hearing a lot of the same and getting tons of stalls and put offs from YOUR prospects. One major rule in selling is that, only decision makers can get others to make decisions. How can you expect your prospects to move ahead and make a buying decision if you are a procrastinator when it comes time for you to make a buying decision?

    For goodness sake make a decision and get off the proverbial pot – this is an example of the straight and brutal honesty you will get when you work with me. If you, as Nicholson said to Cruise, “can’t handle the truth”, then this is definitely not for you, and is probably one of the major reasons you have the problems you have and will continue to have.

    It’s Time to Get Real and Decide……
    Do You Want to Explode Your Income and Go to the Next Level
    or Do You Want to Stay Among the Mediocre Majority

    You Need This If:

    • You are waking up in the middle of the night with acid bubbling up in your throat…
    • You are getting out sold by competitors who are low balling your best price…
    • You have not mastered the art of referral marketing…
    • You are having to cut price to get deals…
    • Your prospects are making you jump through hoops like some trained circus animal…
    • You would like to kick some serious butt in your marketplace and dominate the competition!

    A Word Of Warning:

    We are limited by the number of phone lines available for this training. Once we have reached capacity in the class we will shut this offer down. It may or may not be offered again. If it is, this introductory investment will increase significantly.


    Get instant access to everything above
    and you have our 365 Day 100% Money Back No Hassle Guarantee
    Make one payment of $697

    You make one single payment of $697 and you will not be billed again.


    One of the characteristics of a winner is the ability to make quick decisions when presented with all of the facts. You now have all the facts so go ahead and click one of the buttons below and get on the road to making some serious money!

    Wishing you all the success you have the guts to claim.

    PS Enroll in this online course and grow you sales by 30% or more in 12 months or less…….GUARANTEED!

    PPS This program is only for winners who want to go to the next level. It is not for whiners and wimps who make excuses. If you are not ready to join the ranks of the elite in sales please do not enroll.