About Steve


Steve is a self taught sales person who has read hundreds of sales,
management, and psychology books,
listened to thousands of hours of audio recordings,
attended scores and scores of sales seminars
and most importantly made over 10,000 face to face or telephone prospecting calls.

He is the ultimate Sales Warrior.


Steve is the author or co-author of 3 books including:  Profitable Persuasion – Proven Strategies for Sales and Management SuccessSecrets of Peak Performers, and The Ultimate Success Secret which he co-authored with marketing legend, Dan Kennedy.


Steve is a national and international speaker who has given over four thousand talks on sales and marketing. If you would like to contact him about speaking to your group or company email him at [sclark@newschoolselling.com].

webinar host

For over eight years Steve has hosted a monthly sales and marketing webinar for his Inner Circle and Private Clients. He frequently hosts “free” webinars for folks who sign up for his blog and newsletter. Be sure and register for the newsletter so you can attend these powerful sessions where you will learn to sell more and sell more easily.

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sales management trainer

Steve’s area of specialty is consulting and coaching sales managers and small business owners to recruit and hire the best sales people available. If you are looking to upgrade your sales team and get them to perform at a higher level contact Steve for a free consultation.

Steve is a scrapper and an over comer. Early in his sales career he struggled financially, was dead broke, had his water cut off for lack of payment, was almost bankrupt and has been sued by a competitor who tried to put him out of business. But he has always “reloaded and fired again” no matter the struggle or no matter the circumstance. Perhaps his great asset is that he doesn’t know the word quit.

What Is Steve’s Background

Steve grew up in a modest military family where his father was an Army sergeant and his mother was a waitress. From the 7th grade through high school graduation his entire four person family lived in a 72 foot long by 12 foot wide house trailer.

He certainly has never been fed with a silver spoon.

Everything he has achieved – and he has achieved a lot – has come because he is not a quitter and has persisted and chased his dreams while staring adversity in the face.

Steve’s introduction to selling came at age 11 when he began selling flower seeds and greeting cards door to door for Boys Life magazine. As a young door to door salesman he experienced a lot of rejection and failure but that didn’t deter him from winning the prizes and awards that were advertised in the magazine. At thirteen he began selling and delivering 73 daily newspapers on his bicycle. In addition to selling and delivering he had to go by his customers house each week and collect either the weekly or monthly fee – more experience collecting and soliciting door to door. In high school he sold more candy and raised more money for the prom than any of his other 248 junior classmates.

After high school, Steve attended college at the University of South Carolina where he obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education. After graduating, he worked for five years in public health for the state of South Carolina. This was a short lived career that set the stage for his entry into the world of professional selling in 1980.

What Real Sales Experience Does He Have

Since 1980, he has sold pest control services, pots and pans, security systems, vitamins, laundry detergent, life and health insurance, annuities, mutual funds, stocks and bonds and raised over $1,000,000 for schools in Northwest Florida.

Steve is a self taught sales person who has read hundreds of sales, management, and psychology books, listened to thousands of hours of audio recordings, attended scores and scores of sales seminars and most importantly made over 10,000 face to face or telephone prospecting calls.

He is the ultimate Sales Warrior.

The Big Break Through

In 1996, Steve was making $53,000 per year as a salesperson and he had over $40,000 of credit card debt. Taking out a second mortgage on his house and borrowing $10,000 from his Mother, he set out into the world of sales and marketing consulting with zero clients, zero income, a wife and two daughters aged 10 and 13.

Sure it was a crazy gamble and one that very, very few people would have the guts to do. But Steve believed in himself and knew that he had the desire and work ethic to do whatever it would take to achieve his dream of financial freedom and total control of his life and his destiny.

It was an outrageous leap of faith and a gutsy decision that has paid HUGE dividends!

What Were The Results

In his first 12 months in business Steve increased his yearly income to over $110,000. That was more than double what he had previously made in any of his sixteen years in sales. Using strategies, tactics and techniques that he was developing and implementing, the following year he doubled his income again to over $220,000…..and in his 3rd year in business he increased his income again to over $353,000. That’s a 700% increase in income in 3 years.

Fast Forward To Today

Today, as CEO of New School Selling, he heads an international business development and marketing firm that consults and coaches thousands of sales executives and business owners annually in Australia, Canada and the US.

He is the author of “Profitable Persuasion: and the Co-Author with Dan Kennedy of “Secrets of Peak Performers”

He is the author of the audio books:

  • Cultivating an Abundant Mentality
  • Live Down Under
  • Golden Keys to More Effective Sales Management
  • Prospecting to Fill the Pipeline
  • Tools and Tactics For Profitable Persuasion.

He is a guest columnist of Radio Ink magazine and is a frequent national and international speaker.

In addition to his duties as CEO, he is a US Coast Guard Captain and sport fishes out of Navarre, Florida where many nights you’ll find him offshore hauling in Yellow Fin Tuna.

Today he earns more in a month than he used to earn in a year and the thing he loves to do more than anything else in this world is to teach other sales executives how to do the same.

Why Should Any Of This Matter To You

That’s a fair question. If you have the desire to excel in the sales profession Steve can help you double or triple your income and obtain a lifestyle you have never imagined. He has learned through the “school of hard knocks” and can help you avoid the pitfalls and wasted time that he had to endure to learn the lessons necessary for sales success.

As A New School Student What Can You Expect

When you become a New School student you will be given a tested and proven system that has a thirteen year track record of producing hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for his clients.

Specifically, New School Selling strategies, tactics and techniques will help you:
1. Shortening the sales cycle
2. Save tons of time that is wasted with non qualified buyers
3. Improve closing percentages
4. Eliminate “free consulting”
5. Increase the number of qualified leads and prospects
6. Weeding out non buyers earlier
7. Reduce discounting in competitive situations
8. Improve negotiation strategies
9. Dramatically increasing your income
10. And much, much, more…

You will not have to reinvent the wheel. Simply learn the system, put your foot on the accelerator and take off. All of your time and energy will be spent implementing, doing and making vast sums of money.

If you are tired of hearing platitudes and worn out motivational crap then his New School Selling process will be like a breath of fresh air.

As a serious student of New School Selling you will become more bold and confident and will develop a backbone of steel. No longer will buyers be able to jerk you around and treat you like some circus animal that is expected to jump through hoops.

Not only will buyers come to respect you more, you will come to respect yourself and the profession of selling more. And, oh yea, your income will skyrocket into the stratosphere.

Warning: New School Selling is not for everyone. It is not for the lazy, unmotivated or those who think the world owes them something. But if you have a “burning desire” to become one of the top sellers in your industry it can be your ticket to financial freedom and a lifestyle that is the envy of most people.