The Law of the Mind

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The law of the mind says it’s better to be first into mind than to be first in a marketplace. When people think about a category, you want them thinking about you. All of your marking is projected to get people so that you own mind share. They think about what it is that a category […]

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The Law of Category

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What category can you position yourself in that you can be number one? It has carving out that little slice of marketplace – that micro slice that you can position yourself in to be number one. I’ve got a client, he sells workers’ company insurance. He’s got a license to sell all of general liability property casualty […]

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The Law of Leadership


The law of leadership says that you want to create a category that you could be number one. There’s really no value in trying to compete in somebody who’s already number one or number two for that matter. The mistake a lot of people make is in they think that the key to their success is if […]

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