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David D. Keleher
Business Development Manager
Landrum Professional Employer Services
Pensacola, FL
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Julie Hein
Asst Gen Sales Mgr
KZIA Radio
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Jane Fraser
Certified Radio Marketer
CHUM Radio
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Scott Fraser
Business Owner / Entrepreneur
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Shaun Courbat

Director of Public Relations
Martin Bros Food Service
Cedar Falls, Iowa
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John Curry - ChFC, CLU

Jeff Whitten - Attorney

And some clients have taken the time to write in their testimony…

Good Morning Steve,

I would like to share with you the ending of my situation with a client I spoke about in last weeks class.

I spoke about a client on the telephone on Friday, February 1st about entering our Home Show. After 10 minutes of discussion and me saying ‘No’ numerous times to his negotiations, I asked’ Where does this leave us’ and his reply was ‘No Where.’ I knew where we stood on progress. I was going to touch base with him periodically to see how sales were but not invest a large portion of my time seeking his approval, friendship or a contract. He made it clear that a business relationship was not to be in the future.

The following Wednesday, he called me and left a voice mail. When I returned his call we talked about the weather (we got hit by another snow storm) and how sales went over the weekend. I piped up and asked ‘What can I help you with?’. He said that he would like to book the space discussed previously if it was still available. It felt great to have him call me back and book.

I Just thought I would let you know what the outcome was and I never would have been so confident if it were not for your teachings and repeating the topics to solidify the theories. It does work if you try and the relief of stress / nerves you get by knowing where you stand. Thank-you!

All the best,
Carrie Ann Lindner
Account Representative
CJCS and MIX FM Stratford, Ontario

As a result of the Steve’s training in sales management we reorganized our sales department actually reducing the budget for the department. We sent the sales staff to a live New School Selling course and did a follow up course via phone/web. In the following twelve months, our ad agency landed double the number of new accounts we had achieved in any other previous twelve month period. The training helped us in a number of areas, giving us some tracks to run on for prospecting and teaching us how to uncover the real needs of prospects and existing clients.

This happened while I was EVP at BMC Advertising, Inc.

Chris Busch
BizDreams, LLC

I have been in sales for over 8 years and have attended dozens of sales seminars. The most informative seminar that I have ever attended was “New School Selling” presented by Steve Clark. The Jump Start Sales Skills Training course that Steve offered was awesome. His one suggestion of receiving 100 yes or no’s through cold calling landed me 56 appointments in two short weeks of cold calling! I recommend Steve Clark’s training to anyone who wants to increase their business and ulitmately their income.

Tammy Tibbens
Clear Channel Radio / Harrisburg Pa
Senior Account Executive

We have used Steve’s training materials both for sales managers training as well as sale people training at our annual sales conference. His training materials are easy to implement, and practical for managers and sellers. Sales Managers and sales people can take what they learn from Steve’s to the streets with immediate results. His interview questions and hiring tools are also excellent for sales managers.

Ted Waldbillig
Director of Sales
Mid-West Family Broadcasting
Madison, Wisconsin

Clark-McKibben Safety Products and myself were introduced to Steve Clark and New School Selling, Inc. through a teleconference in March of 2007. As a small company, nine full time employees, I wear many hats and therefore am pulled in many directions. At the time I met Steve I was attempting to set new goals for our company and replace a salesperson.

Steve offered guidance through both the monthly TeleClass training sessions and our one-on-one coaching calls. We developed a plan not only for the recruiting process but also for the first ninety days for our new salesperson. We received a bag full of applicants and by using developed criteria and TriMetrix testing we narrowed down the list to two. Using the New School interview techniques we hired our new salesperson. He has been with C-M one month. Last week was his first week he made sales calls on his own. He had no experience in our field, however, in his first week he has brought seven new business opportunities. One key moment for me since I began working with Steve was when he asked me how much time we would spend with a $300,000 customer. Since our salespeople generate that much and more maybe we should spend that much time and money on growing and developing our sales staff.

Jack McKibben President / CEO
Clark-McKibben Safety Products, Inc. Erie, Pa

I’m in radio advertising sales and marketing. Your training was MORE than I expected.I found your training to be “an awakening” in certain areas. For example…when it came to talking about MONEY with clients and prospects…I would often be hesitant or tip-toe around the subject. But from your training, I’m now able to talk about it freely with prospects. What does that do for me? It’s saved me a ton of time! And I always need more of that! It saved me time by finding out early in a conversation whether or not somebody could afford my product and services. Why waste time with someone that doesn’t have the money? Of course I don’t sell on price…but I’m not afraid to tell them my price (even though it’s a little higher than most) because it’s more than worth it.Another great thing I utilize from your training is the use of an agenda. When I have meetings with prospects…I give them an agenda of what we will cover in a meeting. That way…I am more focused…rather than shooting from the hip. AND the prospect knows that I mean business…and they come to their OWN conclusion that I don’t want to waste THEIR time.What has it done for my sales? Well, within a year my sales increased of 20%.

Duane Christensen
Radio Marketing Guy
Results Radio, Cumulus Media-Sioux Falls

How do you take a young woman with NO sales experience and give her the training and confidence to sell $50,000 cases to prospects? Oh, and how do you do that without sending her to expensive, out of town seminars and incur both travel costs and downtime? And how do you get her long time support? Easy. You enroll her in a TeleClass course with Steve Clark, that’s how …
Simple, easy and effective training for novice to experienced sales personnel.

Dr. Curtis Westersund
Cosmetic Restoration Dentist
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I began with New School Selling on January 2, 2007 because I needed help with my sales work. Despite having some great years in the past, I had hit a “slump” and just couldn’t figure out why, or what to do in order to get my sales back up to where they should be. I must admit, I was feeling frustrated and depressed about my professional life and that was spilling over into my personal life as well. My results from working with you have been nothing short of amazing. By “letting go” of my ways and adopting the approaches you teach I have realized a huge increase in my sales. Comparing my numbers from all of 2006 to what I’ve accomplished through the end of October 2007 shows almost a 100% increase!

Most importantly have been the life-changing aspects of your training. I can tell you that my life is better because my attitude has greatly improved; I have learned better ways to approach life’s daily challenges. Your training and coaching have helped me to grow, not only as a consultant, but also as a person. I thank God for putting you in my path, for all the good things you teach and for helping me to develop a new outlook. It has truly been a great experience for me and I intend to continue learning from you for many years to come.

Rick Stevens
Shalimar, FL

Your seminar was the first time I ever felt compelled to actually BUY anything. I was with you 100% of the day….it all made so much sense. I’ve been listening to your entire CD set……got my goals and affirmations written on index cards. I am seeing significant changes in not only the way I view myself, but clients and prospects as well. Thanks so much for the awakening.

Curtis Smith, Account Executive Clear Channel Radio Harrisburg, PA

Since we have begun New School Selling, changes both personally and within the organization have been unbelievable. As a result of our training our organization no longer chases business. We have eliminated a lot of wasted time by changing our beliefs and making customers qualify to do busienss with our company. By doing this we actually turn down people who are just shopping. We now develop business (and relationships) rather than chase business.My closing rate has changed from about 15% to approximately 70% in one year and this year will be my profitable year in four years.

Craig Breitsprecher
LaCrosse Sign Company LaCrosse, Wisconsin

It’s been ten years since we teamed up with Steve Clark. The rewards have been phenomenal. Steve’s guidance and enthusiasm, and my hard work have resulted in an income and life style far beyond my wildest expectations. Steve’s teaching has indeed changed my life!

David D. Keleher Pensacola, FL

Steve Clark’s New School Selling skills and techniques have increased my closing rate 25%. I’m certain that with continual learning and perfecting his teachings, this number will continue to increase.

Ted Woodard
LaCrosse Sign Co. LaCrosse, Wisconsin

We have had the pleasure of working with Steve Clark as our organization’s sales trainer and personal sales coach for the last three years. Steve’s training and coaching has dramatically increased the sales production and motivation of both our experienced and new producers.

Bill Gunter, former Insurance Commissioner of Florida
Chairman, Rogers, Gunter, Vaughn Insurance, Inc., Tallahassee, FL

Super Achievers have an Abundant Mentality. Steve’s ability to help our producers develop and maintain this attitude is one of the reasons that he continues to be one of the most influential outside consultants that we use at First Protective.

Andy Martin, CLU, ChFC, President
First Protective, Birmingham, AL

Can you change your life in two days, no, but you can get started. As Steve explained it, you can set your life on to a new path in seconds. With in hours of listening to Steve I had already changed some of my fundamentals beliefs. Throughout the course Steve showed me how I can change my habits to reflect these new beliefs and in turn change the course of my life. Do not be fooled it is not easy, it takes time and commitment but anything worth doing always does. I have been following Steve’s advice since going to the course and I have seen the benefits, I have changed the way I approach almost every aspect of my life which in turn has improved my way of life. If you really want to treat yourself forget the chocolate, five star hotels and nice cars go and spend two days with Steve at worst you will have a lot of fun, at best you will have a life altering experience.

Jason L. Fittler, CPA (FPS), B.Com, DFP
Townsville, Queensland Australia

Steve struck several nerves with me. The point that really resonated with me was the strategy to manage frustrations, associated with rejection. I have always thought that I was self aware, that I knew my limits. My four years in the Marine Corps made me think that I was mentally tough. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how tough you are. If you don’t have a strategy for deflecting rejection, at some point it will probably wear you down.

Mike Goff Clear Channel
Lima, OH

All reports are that your breakout session was well received. I received a number of postitive comments throughout the rest of the Convention. Our members noted your solid, down-to-earth content, as well as, your excellent presentation skills. You presented a great deal of information that agents in Florida need to know.

Cindy Molnar, CMP, Meeting Planner
Florida Association of Insurance Agents, Tallahassee, FL

When I started with your coaching I was deeply entrenched in burnout and couldn’t figure a way out. Using you as a coach has not only increased our sales but we are having fun selling again and my staff is fired up with all the new revenues.

Duke Mills, President
WorkComp Solutions, Inc., Lakeland, FL

Using the methods you teach in Sales Warrior training we have become one of the largest Workers’ Comp agencies in the state of Florida. The financial rewards of this have been substantial. Your methods are on the cutting edge of consultative selling. I believe that any insurance agent in today’s competitive environment will earn at least a ten-fold return on their investment if they implement the practices you teach.

Kevin Campbell, Owner
Campbell Agency, Panama City, FL

Steve, with your help and coaching, I was able to qualify for membership in the MDRT Top of the Table for the first time in my twenty-four years in the Life Insurance business. In addition to having a great business year, I was also able to take more time off to spend with my family and feel more comfortable doing so.

John Curry, CLU, ChFC
North Florida Financial,Tallahassee, FL

Last year was a productive one for me. Utilizing your ideas and weekly coaching, I was our firm’s “top gun”. I produced higher commissions than any of my prior twenty years in this business. The discussions and roll play we had prior to one appointment helped me place one life case that paid me over $40,000 in commissions. The time I used to spend chasing prospects and hoping for results is now better utilized. I feel more confident and energized than I have for years.

John Howard, CLU, ChFC, CFP
Rogers, Gunter,Vaughn Insurance, Inc.,Tallahassee, FL

In August, my team set a record for all of North Florida and through September 10th we are 45% ahead of last month. My investment in Sales Warrior training is paying off handsomely.

Steve Fifer, CLU
Insurance Agency Owner, Pensacola, FL

As my persoal Sales Coach, your analysis of my selling process has been eye opening. The coaching suggestions you initially made resulted in an INCREASE of $16,000 in first year life insurance commissions the first 30 days we worked together. Not only have I increased my income but I have done so by working fewer hours than ever before.

Fletcher McKinney, Owner
Advantage Insurance Agency, Inc., Lakeland, FL

As a Certified Financial Planner, I was frustrated with my sales process which wasted a lot of time and was ineffective. Since working with Steve Clark and learning a new more effective sales process, I have learned how to stay in control of the sales process and eliminate wasted time with prospects that are not committed to improving their financial future. My performance has increased substantially and I am now enjoying my career more than ever.

Gary Parsons, CFP
Rogers, Atkins, Gunter and Associates,Tallahassee, FL

I have been in the Financial Services Business for nearly fifteen years. The approach offered by your company is the first truly new and worthwhile approach I have seen in this period of time. Your coaching has provided me with new tools to be more effective in the financial services profession.

J. Scott Fenstermaker, Benefits Consultant
Landrum-Yager Financial Services,Tallahassee, FL

Working with Steve Clark over the last several years has made a real difference in our sales results. Utilizing the Sales Warrior Sales Management process we have become more focused on those sales behaviors that make a difference. Thank you Steve.

Randolph M. Pople, President
Capital City Trust Company,Tallahassee, FL

Last month Flanagan Instruments, Inc.’s Surgical Specialties division broke a single month sales record, which had stood for four years. While that milestone was exciting, it is also important to note that in the last eight months the division has had four of the top seven selling months, in dollar volume, in the sixteen-year history of the division. Of course, many factors went into these record setting sales, but, in my opinion, the training our sales force began receiving from you in October 2001 was a major contributor to the success.

Robert Byrne, Vice President
Flanagan Instruments, Mandeville, LA

Steve is a valuable resource for our company. His insight, training, and coaching have helped us grow and improve our company’s sales revenues and profits. I highly recommend his service to anyone who is committed to growing their company.

Bart Wells, President
Sperry & Associates, Inc., Tallahassee, FL

For this year our sales are 289% ahead of YTD last year. We have already exceeded last year’s first quarter by over 200%. Things are booming over here.

Patrick Roone, CPA, President
Nuovo Technologies, Inc., Pensacola, FL

We have seen measurable results using the Sales Warrior techniques. By implementing these techniques we have been able to consistently close more than 70% of our proposals!

Jim Nitterauer, President
Creative Data Concepts, Pensacola, FL

Since participating in your training, my annual recurring sales have increased by over $40,000 annually. I have done this by giving fewer presentations and spending far less time than I used to. I am now being paid for consulting that I used to do for free. And on top of this our very satisfied customers are helping us grow by referring others.

Rich Moore, President
Enviromental Biotech, Pensacola, FL

Your training has been instrumental in a dramatic increase in my sales since I began your training. Total sales for the first five months of this year are 271% greater than for the same time period last year.

Paul White, Owner
Paul White Photography, Pensacola, FL

As a result of your training, I am closing 92% of all proposals that I give. Your system truly works. I have been blessed to have you as a coach and mentor.

Chris Dehlic, Sales Manager
Creative Data Concepts, Pensacola, FL

In August you helped us pinpoint our exact goals, outlining the exact dollar amount we needed in increased sales to take our business to the next level. Since we began using your services, every quarter’s billing has been larger and more profitable than the previous quarter. As of May’s issue, we’ve reached the billing goals you helped us outline last year. I’m looking forward to the results of learning and mastering even more in the upcoming months.

David Banks, Owner
Dash Publishing, Inc., Pensacola, FL