New School Selling Invites You

To Apply To Join Their Exclusive Team

A small select group of sales professionals will have the opportunity to see behind the curtain and make outrageous sums of money as a New School Certified Business ConsultantTM…..Will you be one of them?

You’re here for a reason, so let’s cut to the chase….You are probably familiar with New School Selling. You may have ordered one (or more) of our products or participated in one of our TeleClasses or subscribe to our weekly ezine.

A little later I will share with you the business opportunity we are offering to a select few…..but first I have a few questions for you.

Do You Have A Burning Desire To Create Wealth
And Have Financial Independence?

You have probably come to realize the difference between making a good living and creating wealth. Here’s the truth – You know that as long as you continue working for someone else that it will be extremely difficult to ever truly create $ubstantial wealth and develop financial independence. This realization has been slowly simmering but has now reached a boiling point where you are no longer willing to sell your talents for a fraction of their worth. You now want to be compensated for the full measure of your talents.

You Don’t Want a Job – You Want To Own Your Own Business…
And Control Your Own Destiny

You have proven that you have the “right stuff” and can sell. As a competitor you have always been among the top performers in your industry, but lately you realize that isn’t enough. Somehow continuing with the “same ole same ole” just isn’t fulfilling. You sense that there are more challenges and mountains to climb but you aren’t quite sure exactly what they are or how to pursue them.

As you know, chasing dreams and pursuing challenges means taking action. But that is no problem for a self starter like you because all of your life you have been willing to go out on a limb in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. Frankly, that is what makes you a top performer and separates you from 95% of the mass of humanity that lives in mediocrity and suffers lives of quiet desperation. You know that the opposite of success is not failure but mediocrity and you know that in order to escape this trap you have to accept personal responsibility, pursue opportunity and take action.

How Much Do You Want To Be In Control?

You have also come to realize lately how much you want to control your own destiny. The desire for independence has been an inescapable gravitational pull. You realize that no matter how much money you make you will never be totally fulfilled as long as you work for someone else. True fulfillment and contentment will only be achieved when you take control of your destiny and begin “running you own show”.

Are You Prepared To Accept The Responsibility
That Comes With Opportunity?

With every opportunity comes responsibility. The greater the opportunity the greater the responsibility. Most people are unwilling to take any responsibility for their life. They blame all of their life circumstances on external factors out of their control. They master the art of excuse making and rationalize why they can’t pursue the life of their dreams. When you accept total responsibility for your own destiny there are no excuses. Excuses are for losers and you are not a loser.

The Opportunity

New School Selling Certified Business Consultants are a select group of progressive, open minded business consultants who are pursuing their dreams of financial freedom, while enjoying total control over their lives. They are the best of the best. But not everyone who wants to become part of this elite group is accepted because there are special requirements that have to be met.

Let me emphasize that far more applicants are rejected than are selected. We are indeed looking for a select group of professionals. You will be provided with a tested and proven turnkey, business model and process. Great time and expense have been invested developing and creating a systematic and successful, sales, marketing and lead generation process for you.

You will not have to reinvent the wheel. Simply learn the system, put your foot on the accelerator and take off. All of your time and energy will be spent implementing, doing and making vast sums of money.

Only Serious and Committed Professionals Should Apply

The reason is simple. I will be investing a lot of his time, money and resources personally training you how to become an outrageously successful New School Sales Business Consultant, and quite frankly, I don’t want to waste my time with people who don’t have the same level of commitment to success as I do.

3 Reasons You Will Make Money Fast As a

New School Certified Business ConsultantTM

  • You will be given a tested and proven system that has a sixteen year track record of producing millions of dollars of consulting income.
  • You will profit from my reputation and the New School Selling reputation. Think of the time you’ll save by being able to ride the coattails of my reputation.
  • You will get personal training and coaching from me, as well as, group TeleClasses and live training events that will help you hone your skills to a razors edge.

There are a limited number of territories available.

Once they are gone –they are gone.

If after reading this you feel that you’d like to apply to join our exclusive community then you need to do a couple of things.

  • Fill out the application form in complete and thorough detail so that I can effectively evaluate your ability and commitment to becoming a New School Certified Business ConsultantTM. Once I receive your application, I will personally review it

Please be patient. This may take a while because of my heavy schedule. After reviewing your application, I will be in touch to set up a phone conference to review your application and determine if there is a fit between you and New School Selling.

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to claim!