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My accountant thinks this is bad business because I am losing $47.10 in hard costsevery time someone orders these 6 FREE CDs! When I told to her I was not only continuing the promotion, but even adding onto it — her spreadsheet damn near blew up. But it doesn’t matter… I’m still giving them away until I run out of CD Set!

What worried her was that this was my very best stuff – products that were already snapped up by credit-card waving online buyers, clients, and inner-circle members. The stuff people raved about. My real secrets to selling in tough markets, beating out low-priced competitors, and grabbing market share by the fist-full.

And here my accountant saw me giving away 6 FREE CDs of the stuff Risk Free Offerlike I was the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny! And it’s true – For the time being, I am giving away the following 6 CDs of my most original (see CD#4), raved-about (CD#6), pull-out-the-big-guns stuff (CD#3) absolutely FREE

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • CD#1 “How To Have Your Best Year Ever” ($37.00 Value)
  • CD#2 “How To Differentiate Yourself In This New Economy” ($67.00 Value)
  • CD#3 “How To Develop A Referral Marketing Strategy” ($87.00 Value)
  • CD#4 “Why Prospects Don’t Buy” ($107.00 Value)
  • CD#5 “How To Develop An Effective Marketing Plan” ($37.00 Value)
  • CD#6 “How Emotions Effect Buying Decisions” ($77.00 Value)

And here’s the Bonus that really set my accountant off:

Free BonusesNot only am I giving away these 6 CDs for free I am also giving away a one month free trial subscription to the New School Selling Gold Inner Circle Membership Program. ($97.97 Value) This program gives youimmediate web access to all of these Sales and Success Tools and Resources……

  • Over 347 minutes of audio sales training
  • A monthly “live” webinar sales training and coaching call
  • A CD and transcript of each month’s call
  • Monthly Subscription to the “Profitable Persuasion”newsletter
  • 100+ Easy-to-Understand and Apply Sales and Success Articles
  • Special Members Only Resources Web Site
  • Over 597 minutes of online Video Training

Just how GOOD is this content REALLY?

“When I heard we were attending yet another sales training course I was sure it was going to be the same stuff with a different name that I’d heard for the last 15 years I’ve been in sales. I thought – no, I knew – I’d heard it all. Boy was I surprised! Within the first hour of hearing Steve I was blown away with new stuff I had never heard before. And it’s made a HUGE difference in how I sell. I wish I had heard this stuff 15 years ago when I first started because it would have saved me a lot of time and made me more money. A lot more money.”

Jane Fraser, Halifax, Nova Scotia

There’s a reason I’m known as America’s Premier Sales Psychologist. And that I’m the only major-league sales trainer offering a pay-per-performance model – it’s because my stuff works even in difficult selling environments, even for non-natural sales people! If it doesn’t work, I don’t get paid. And the content I’m giving away on these CDs and in my Inner Circle training is the same sales know-how my private clients pay me thousands of dollars each month to coach their sales teams on. The same stuff I’m collecting $10,000 a day to train a recently acquired private client.

“So Why Am I Doing This If I Am Losing Money?’

My accountant is probably right. In fact, she’s absolutely right about me losing money every time someone orders these 6 FREE CDs… So why am I willing to empty the cupboard and bribe you with some of the most powerful stuff you have never heard before ? Why should I grant you free access to secret tactics about how to sell successfully”? Why would I just give you the secret keys to become one of the elite in the sales profession? Why would I eat $47.10 in hard costs so you could have immediate access to hundreds of articles, video training, audio training, and “real life” role-plays that debrief sales calls, and complete up to date resources with the chance that you’ll never even begin to pay me one measly dollar? Those are good honest questions.

Steve came highly recommended from a friendly competitor back in 2000 who raved about the increased revenue and disciplined passion generated by Steve’s training. Over the last 10 years we have contracted 3 times with Steve to get the ship back on course, with wonderful results. Don’t expect some new age feel good sales or management philosophy, Steve understands human behavior and the decision making process, which is essential to a profitable organization”.

Duke Mills, Founder and President WorkComp Solutions, Inc, Lakeland FL

Here’s The Straight-Up, Totally Honest Answer

A Bright IdeaEven though my accountant is a darn good accountant, she’s no entrepreneur or sales professional. So even though she ransomed Jake to “bring me to my senses,” I had to make this offer anyway! Because an accountant simply doesn’t know what it’s like to watch your income double while planning on ways to double it again. But I do! I’ve been there, and I know how much you’ll want more and more of what I’m offering once you’ve checked out what you can learn and profit from in my material. All I have to do is arm you to the teeth with new skills and tactics that will help you make some serious money quickly and you’ll instantly understand the value of becoming one of my New School Selling Gold Inner Circle Members, and why hundreds of other sales professionals before you have launched their success stories starting with joining this same inner circle. So I’m rolling out the red carpet and giving you $607.94 worth of sales resources for free. Did you catch that? Let me repeat that for effect – $607.94 worth of sales resources for free. The only thing I ask is that you help me defray the cost of sending these 6 CDs to you by investing a modest $19.97 for shipping and handling. Frankly, that won’t cover the production of the CDs and the shipping, but it will keep the free Internet moochers away.

Risk Free OfferSo What Happens After The 30 Day Trial Period?

If…and ONLY if…you come to the resounding conclusion that continuing our relationship will be the most profitable business relationship you could ever wish for – will I ask that you continue as a New School Selling Gold Inner Circle Member for a whopping…$97.97 per month. If you find no value in our relationship you may cancel your membership by calling New School Selling at 850-710-3215 or faxing a cancellation notice to 850-710-3209 (Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm CST). Remember, your credit card will NOT be charged the low monthly membership fee for 30 days. This gives you 30 days to read, test, and profit from all of the powerful techniques and strategies you get from being a New School Selling Gold Inner Circle MemberAnd of course, it’s impossible for you to lose, because if you don’t absolutely LOVE everything you get, you can simply cancel your membership at any time.

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to grab!

Steve Clark,
"The Sales Psychologist"

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