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Does It Drive You Crazy When

Prospects Stall and Put You Off?

Are you sick and tired of prospects jerking your chain? Do you often feel like you are being taken advantage of by prospects who don’t value your time or expertise? Wouldn’t you like to eliminate it, once and for all?

Attend this New FREE Teleclass ($297.00 value) and discover how to take control of the sales call once and for all.


By attending the “Tools and Tactics for Profitable Persuasion” teleclass you will discover how to overcome 13 of the most common stalls, objections, put offs and roadblocks that prospects throw at you.

Attend this new, never offered before, teleclass and discover how to maintain control of the sales process and cut through the smoke and BS that prospects throw at you. You will discover how to use tactics like the Take Away, Columbo, 3rd Party Stories, Compliment, Clarify and Capture, If You Feel It Say It, The Scale and Let’s Pretend to neutralize objections like:

  • Just send me some information.
  • I need to think it over.
  • Your price is too high.
  • I haven’t had time to look at it.
  • It just isn’t a priority right now.
  • We’re happy with our current supplier.
  • I need to talk to my boss to get approval.
  • We’ve never heard of your company.
  • I need to get three quotes. .
  • And much, much more….

Why You Should Attend


Sales studies show conclusively that as much as 65% of the time that sales reps spend in front of prospects is a waste of the reps time. Wasting time with lookers, tire kickers, and prospects who won’t or can’t make a decision is a career killer for many sales people.

As a sales person the only non renewable resource you have is your time, and the size of your paycheck will ultimately be in direct proportion to how well you use your time.

Every hour you waste on deadbeat, uncommitted, wishy washy prospects is an hour of your life that you will never get back. If you are to ascend to the top of the sales profession you need to learn how to eliminate the hours and hours each week that you waste and don’t get paid for.


What You Will Receive


Two teleclass sessions that will last 90 minutes each. Each session will be 60 minutes of teaching followed by 30 minutes of Q and A. That’s three hours of training (value $297.00).

That’s a whopping $297.00 worth of FREE training. That’s not all. We have a special bonus that we will telll you about during the teleclass.

When Is It?


This is a two – part series that will be on Tuesday, August 4th and Thursday, August 6th from 7:00pm – 8:30 pm Central Standard Time. When you register you will receive a confirmation message that will have the instructions, phone number and access code.


Why Are We Doing This?

It is real simple. We are shamelessly bribing you with an incredible FR*EE offer in hopes that you might find value in what we do and, therefore, want to talk with us about our training or consulting. Think of it as our way of giving away a free sample.

WARNING: If You Snooze You May Lose!

Because we have limitations on our phone line, it is important that you register right away.

Once we have reached our capacity we will withdraw the offer and remove the registration link.  If you are thinking about doing this at a later date – don’t because we may never offer this as a FREE class again.

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