Greetings from NSS

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Dear Sales Professional or Business Owner,

This book is unlike any sales book that you have ever read. It is filled with hard hitting, practical sales strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to catapult your sales skills and skyrocket your income.

On pages 49-50 (When All Else Fails Go To Work) you will find a simple prescription that will improve your prospecting results better than anything you have ever done. If you will employ this consistently, you will double, triple or even quadruple your results.

When I employed this strategy I grew my income 700% in a space of 36 months.

On pages 64-65 (How To Become A Top Performer) you will discover a simple daily ritual that will turn any ordinary producer into a Sales Superstar. I urge you to read this and begin to implement this 5 step strategy that top most all top performers use.

On pages 96-98 (How To Gain An Initial Commitment From a Prospect Before The Appointment) you will discover a strategy that you will save you tons of wasted time spent with “tire kickers” and “lookey loos” who have no intention of buying.

When employed, this strategy will put you in complete control of the sales process and give you the upper hand when dealing with buyers who mislead and lie to you.

Warning: this strategy is very effective but it takes guts.

On pages 100-102 (Stop Acting Like A Salesperson) you will learn how to avoid being treated like a two bit sales peddler. Additionally, you will discover how to position yourself as a trusted advisor and welcomed guest instead of an unwanted pest.

On pages 113-120 you will discover the true magic of New School Selling when you read the chapter on (What Really Motivates Prospects To Buy). Mediocre sales hacks endlessly talk about the features and benefits of their product or service. The true Sales Professional knows that prospects buy solutions to problems not features and benefits.

On pages 187-190 you will discover (10 Sales Basics) that will revolutionize your sales process.

Success in selling, like any profession, requires a mastery of certain skills and processes. Study these pages and incorporate these principles into your daily routine and successful selling will become as easy as falling off a log.

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to claim!