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Listen to this CD and you will gain new insights that will help you gain control of your fears and turn a potential problem into an opportunity.

Discover how to avoid rejection by building a bullet-proof prospecting plan. Develop new strategies and techniques that will help you use voice mail as a prospecting tool and turn gatekeepers into friends. It’s all here. Hard-hitting and powerful stuff for those who truly want to jump start their business by Prospecting to Fill the Pipeline.

ProspectingCDOn this CD you will discover proven skills and methods that will help you:

  • Instantly Gain More Trust and Credibility
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Eliminate the Fear of Rejection
  • Design a Personal Prospecting Plan
  • Develop an Effective 30 Second Commercial
  • Use Voice Mail As a Prospecting Tool
  • Turn Gatekeepers Into Friends

When you listen to this hard-hitting, authentically raw CD you will discover true nuggets of wisdom.

What Other Listeners Are Saying:

The Jump Start Sales Skills Training course that Steve offered was awesome. His one suggestion of receiving 100 yes or no’s through cold calling landed me 56 appointments in two short weeks! I recommend Steve Clark’s training to anyone who wants to increase their business and ulitmately their income.

Tammy Tibbens, Clear Channel Radio / Harrisburg Pa


As a result of your training, I am closing 92% of all proposals that I give. Your system truly works. I have been blessed to have you as a coach and mentor.

Chris Dehlic, Sales Manager, Creative Data Concepts, Pensacola, FL

As my personal Sales Coach, your analysis of my selling process has been eye opening. The coaching suggestions you initially made resulted in an INCREASE of $16,000 in first year life insurance commissions the first 30 days we worked together. Not only have I increased my income but I have done so by working fewer hours than ever before.

Fletcher McKinney, Owner of  Advantage Insurance Agency, Inc., Lakeland, FL

Steve struck several nerves with me. The point that really resonated with me was the strategy to manage frustrations, associated with rejection. I have always thought that I was self aware, that I knew my limits. My four years in the Marine Corps made me think that I was mentally tough. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how tough you are. If you don’t have a strategy for deflecting rejection, at some point it will probably wear you down.

Mike Goff, Clear Channel, Lima, OH

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(This is a limited offer and may be withdrawn at any time.)