Congratulations and welcome. You have made a wise decision to invest in the Sales Accelerator System online training program.

With this training program, you can expect to grow your income at least 30% in the next 12 months if you follow the recommended training prescription outlined below.

This training program contains 6 modules. Each module has 2 to 3 videos, mp3s, transcripts and Power Points. In addition, there are 3 bonus mp3s and transcripts of each, as well as, a Fast Start Action Guide in the resources section.

All of these components, with the exception of the videos, can be downloaded to your computer or mp3 device.

To receive maximum benefit of this training, it is suggested that you either listen/watch to all six modules once to get an overview of the program. Once you have done this, it is suggested that you concentrate on one module and study the transcript or listen to the audio daily for a minimum of fifteen consecutive days. Then proceed to the next module and repeat. It is IMPORTANT that you follow these learning instructions. If you jump around and randomly consume the content you will become confused and not get much benefit from this training.

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