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For over twenty years, sales producers, business owners, sales managers, consultants and CEOs have sought out my sales advice to help them increase sales revenues and improve profit margins. In that twenty plus years, I have dispensed sales advice to over 100,000 sales producers, sales managers, consultants, business owners and CEOs in eighty-one different industries and professions.Sales Advice

These folks seek out my sales advice to help them prevent or overcome long sales cycles, “price shopping”, stalls, put-offs and think it overs, resistance getting to the real decision maker, getting screened by gate keepers, not getting enough referrals, giving endless proposals that go nowhere, wasting time with prospects that have no real intention of buying and only want to pick your brain for free information, getting past voice mail and getting phone calls returned, filling the pipeline with highly qualified buyers, etc.

Most who seek my sales advice are looking for simple answers to complex issues. They come to me looking for short cuts, magic or quick fixes that, quite frankly, don’t exist. As the famous sales trainer, Zig Ziglar once said, “the elevator to the top is broken, you have to take the steps to the top”.

Success in sales and in business requires hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Most in business and sales lack these requisite personal characteristics for success.

If you want to join the ranks of the elite and become a top 5% income producer in today’s economy, you have to seek out competent sales advice and consistently implement proven strategies and behaviors.

The most effective way to do this is to engage in one on one instruction with a competent sales or business coach who will work with you and give you the most current and up to date sales advice.

Unfortunately, most sales trainers have not updated their own skills and are still given pre-2008 sales advice that doesn’t work in today’s new economy. New School Selling is an exception. We spend countless hours each month reading and studying in such diverse disciplines as neuroscience, behavioral economics, social psychology, and physics in an effort to bring our clients cutting edge science that they can apply to their businesses.

Sales Advice Resources

As a sales trainer, it is my pleasure to provide you with of my best sales advice that will arm you with new knowledge and sales skills that will help you close more deals faster and easier and win the race to the bank.

These free resources are a taste of what you would receive should you engage me to help you or your company increase sales and improve profits.

My private clients paid big bucks to get this information. Now you can have them for free. When you learn and apply these advanced sales training tactics and strategies, you will escape sales mediocrity and skyrocket your income. If you are serious about doubling or tripling your income, you should read, watch and listen to this sales training material immediately.

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