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Sales Management Training by Steve Clark

Selling is a difficult business. If you have been around the block a time or two this is no surprise to you. If you are just starting, you will soon find this out. And if you are a manager of sales people you know how hard it is to find a competent sales pro.

In the pre-internet days,’ salespeople were indispensable peddlers of information. Today, they are largely unnecessary because with a few clicks of the mouse savvy buyers can comparison shop and arm themselves with loads of knowledge about what you sell.

Since 2008, companies have eliminated about thirty percent of their sales staff. Technology and sales automation will accelerate this process.

The below listed sales management training resources will arm you with new knowledge and sales skills that will help you close more deals faster and easier and win the race to the bank.


  • Important Piece of Sales Advice – this blog post reminds you of basic, but perhaps long forgotten, sales management training advice that will keep you focused and grounded about what business you are really in.
  • The Physics of Income Explosion – when you understand and apply this principle of Physics you will be able to double or triple you sales with little or no extra work on your part.
  • Video:  Sales Management Training Tip #1:  There are 4 main components to Sales Management Training; recruiting; accountability; coaching and motivating.

These free resources have been compiled from some of Steve’s best sales management training advice. When originally taught, Steve’s clients paid big bucks to get this information. Now you can have them for free. When you learn and apply these advanced sales training tactics and strategies you will escape sales mediocrity and skyrocket your income. If you are serious about doubling or tripling your income, you should read and listen to this sales training material immediately.

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