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Hi, I’m Steve Clark and I want to welcome you to the New School Selling web site. As a token of my appreciation for you coming here today, I want to give you a free gift valued at over $604.94. Before I tell you about it, I’ve got a few of questions for you:


extrasmarrow Do you find it more difficult to sell and extract money from prospects in today’s new economy?
extrasmarrow Are you getting a lot of stalls, put offs and think it over’s?
extrasmarrow Are you getting beat up on price by low ball competitors?
extrasmarrow Are your prospects stealing your information & using your proposals to shop the competition?
extrasmarrow Are deals taking forever to close?
extrasmarrow Has your income become stagnant and in danger of shrinking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place because I have a free gift that will help you close more deals, increase your sales and skyrocket your income….

A 6 CD set called the “Super Sales Power Pack“. It is a collection of 6 of my most powerful sales training sessions. On these 6 CDs you will discover:

  •  CD #1 –  “How To Have Your Best Year Ever”
  •  CD #2 –  “How To Differentiate Yourself In This New Economy”
  •  CD #3 –  “How To Develop A Referral Marketing Strategy”
  •  CD #4 – “Why Prospects Don’t Buy”
  •  CD #5 – “How To Develop an Effective Marketing Plan”
  •  CD #6 – “How Emotions Affect Buying Decisions

Wishing you all the success you have the guts to grab!