016 10 Keys To Increased Personal Productivity

10 Keys To Increased Personal Productivity

We look at 20% and we say, “Wow if I am only productive 20% of my time and I am not productive 80% of my time, what is a real increase in productivity that I can expect?” And what I would say is, no one is 100% effective all the time. In fact, Dan Kennedy talks about being productive. If you can be productive 50% of your time, that is a heroic effort – to be 50% productive. If half of your day is productive, you have done a tremendous job that particular day.

There are a lot of things that get in the way of productivity. Some that are basically thrust upon us and some that we just normally have to do.  And there are all kinds of things that happen during the normal workday that you have to deal with that aren’t necessarily business‐related.

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