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Thought (Action) For The Month

Below is an exercise that I have all new coaching clients complete. Its purpose should be self explanatory, and if taken seriously will stimulate thinking and engage the Reticular Activator. I include it here and hope that you will take the time to complete it. Should you choose to do this exercise, here are a couple of […]

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Your Habits Will Determine Your Destiny

The key to becoming more productive is to become focused like a laser on those habits that produce successSuccess is not necessarily about time management, although time management is part of any increase in personal productivity. But the whole topic of time management is such an overused, tired topic that I really want to refrain […]

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Maximize Every Selling Experience

sales experience

You invest lots of time and energy in the pursuit of closing more sales and earnings more dough. To that end, it is crucial that you maximize your investment. Many times when I’m fishing, I will encounter Fishermen at the boat ramps and marinas who have invested huge sums of money on the latest and greatest […]

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