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Sales Advice: Selling is Acting

Selling is really acting. When you get up in the morning, whatever suit of clothes you put on, that’s your a-game uniform and then it’s show time or it’s time to play the game. It doesn’t matter who you naturally are.  Leave that person at home because that person probably is not what you need to be […]

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Sales Advice: You are not a Beggar

Salespeople see themselves as beggars and peddlers. They see themselves in a subservient role to the buyer. They think everything they do and say comes across as subservient. Why would you want to do business as a buyer with somebody that you felt was inferior to you? Is that who you want to give your money […]

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Sales Advice: People Don’t Understand

How many people understand the complexities and all the ramifications and the nuances of what you sell them? They don’t. They don’t understand that. Do they understand insurance policy when they get it? They don’t. Most of them don’t even know their’s a difference between term and whole life. After 30  days of you telling them all those […]

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