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Perception in Selling

perception sales

Marketing is a battle of perception, not product or services. The truth of the matter is you don’t sell anything to anybody else themself. So it’s all about perception. It’s perception in the mind of the people that you want to influence and do business with. It really is about positioning yourself owning the minds of the […]

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The Law of the Mind

mind brain sales

The law of the mind says it’s better to be first into mind than to be first in a marketplace. When people think about a category, you want them thinking about you. All of your marking is projected to get people so that you own mind share. They think about what it is that a category […]

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The Law of Category

sales advice

What category can you position yourself in that you can be number one? It has carving out that little slice of marketplace – that micro slice that you can position yourself in to be number one. I’ve got a client, he sells workers’ company insurance. He’s got a license to sell all of general liability property casualty […]

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