017 How To Develop An Effective Marketing Plan That Will Bring You More Customers, Clients or Patients At Will

017 How To Develop An Effective Marketing Plan

We’re going to talk today about how to develop an effective marketing plan that will bring you more customers, clients, or patients at will. And I think the key thing here is the plan. We are talking about developing a plan. And what I would say, since we are coming up here towards the end of the year, it would be a really good idea between now and the end of the year for you to sit down and take a blank sheet of paper or a big pad of paper and easel and take your marker and start drawing out – what is your plan going to look like?

What is your 12-month marketing plan for next year? And the time to do that is before the next year gets here so that on January 1 next year you will have a plan put together that you just have to then focus on implementing and you don’t have to think about, okay, this is what I am going to do. And I think the problem with people with marketing is they commit what I call random, disjointed acts of marketing that have no cohesiveness to them.

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