020 How To Become A Master of Sales

on Podcast with Steve Clark

Let’s start with this whole idea about what is mastery. I went to the dictionary and I looked up mastery and it had a couple of different definitions. One was the possession of a body of knowledge and the other was a complete acquisition of skill; it did not use the word “mastery” in either one of those, but it talked about mastery either being someone who possesses a certain body of knowledge or a certain skill set.

Now, to me, that’s not a very good definition and I think you probably have your own idea of what mastery is, but it pretty much defines definition but it certainly is recognizable. You know a master when you see one. When you see someone perform or you hear someone talk about a subject matter, you know whether or not they’re a master. So even though it’s hard to describe and it comes in a variety of different ways, the attainment of masteries follows certain immutable and non-negotiable laws.

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