021 How to Increase Personal Production and Improve Profits

How to Increase Personal Production and Improve Profits Podcast with Steve Clark

Let’s start with this whole concept of why aren’t people more personally productive and why aren’t they more profitable or in a nutshell why don’t they make more money than they currently make. And probably the second biggest issue that I encounter when I’m coaching or training, be it individual sales people or entrepreneurs, business owners, other consultants. The biggest issue that comes up over and over again, other than prospecting, or filling the pipeline with leads, would be the issue of time management.

Now you could fill your garage or your basement with all the stuff that has been written about time management. And it would be my opinion that the whole concept of time management is an erroneous concept that’s the wrong thing to be talking about because you can no more manage time than you can manage the tides in the ocean. Time is going to come and go. You do not manage time. The only thing you can manage is yourself and your behavior. So the whole thing when people talk about time management, it’s the wrong concept, to begin with. But we will get around to talking about some of those kinds of issues in just a bit.

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