022 How to Maintain Control of the Sales Process at All Times and Eliminate Stalls, Put Offs and Think It Overs Once and for All

How to Maintain Control of the Sales Process Podcast with Steve Clark

Probably the most frustrating thing for a sales professional is to give a presentation or a proposal and then receive a stall, a put-off, or a think it over and then waste countless hours following up and chasing after prospects that never make a decision. Sales pros can live with yeses and they can live with nos. But what is a killer are the think-it-overs, stalls, and put-offs.

Today we will be learning how to maintain control of the sales process at all times and eliminate stalls, put-offs and think it over once and for all. What has been your experience with getting stalls or put-offs or non-decisions and think it overs from prospects?

Lastly, we’ve prepared 10 Sales Training Tips that will drastically improve your game in less than two minutes. Get it today.