023 The Real Reason People Buy Anything

Episode 024 Authority Marketing with Steve Clark

Let’s talk about this whole idea of the real reason people buy anything. For you guys, this isn’t going to be totally new, but what we’re going to do is I think we’re going to dig down a little bit deeper today into this whole concept and it is my hope that you will gain a deeper appreciation for the answer to this question about why people buy. So, here is sort of what you will come away with today as a result of this session, what you’re going to discover in today’s session.

There are four things you are going to discover and a whole bunch of other ancillary kinds of things. But number one, you’re going to discover the two major reasons people buy anything. Now it is not going to be totally new to you, but when you boil it down there really are only about two reasons people buy anything and we’ll talk about that. You’re going to discover the three levels of pain. This whole concept of pain is battered around a lot by people. I think a lot of people think they know what it is. But I think it is also greatly misunderstood. So we’re going to dig down deeper into the three different levels of pain.

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