024 Authority Marketing

Episode 024 Authority Marketing Podcast with Steve Clark

Today, we’re going to be talking about the future of prospecting. How to position yourself as the ultimate expert and keep your pipeline full of high-quality prospects. So, that’s a mouthful. We’ve got a lot to go over and we’re going to spend that time going through that and when we finish today, what you’re going to discover in this session as you tune in here today, you’re really going to discover four things about this whole new paradigm of prospecting, if you will, what I am kind of thinking of here and calling this Prospecting 2016 – The Future of Prospecting.

How prospecting has changed over the years. I’ve been at this game 30 years and prospecting has certainly changed over the 30-year period of time that I’ve been doing it and we’re going to talk about those things today. So here is what you’re going to discover today. Four big chunks that you will discover as we go through this today.

Lastly, we’ve prepared 10 Sales Training Tips that will drastically improve your game in less than two minutes. Get it today.