My Own Occupy Wall Street

Yes, I’m still wearing the stupid Santa suit!

And in protest of that and all the other injustices I’m forced to endure at Steve’s entertainment I am staging my own “Occupy Movement”. I’m calling it “Occupy Steve’s Yard”. I’ve recruited a slew of fellow neighborhood canines, support from unions, student groups and community organizers to stage a sit-in on Steve’s front lawn. A dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do!

We will make our demands known – unless it rains or the temperature dips below 50. If that happens then I’ll protest in silence laying on my bed next to the fireplace. I’ll shoot Steve a dirty look and growl at him every now and again – he’ll get the message.

Ok, so maybe I don’t have it in me to be an activist but those Wall Street People are capable of getting their own food and drink when the need arises. Until I sprout posable thumbs and can fend for myself in the kitchen I’m not willing to bite the hand that feeds me (so to speak)! Standing up for my rights is one thing, risking dinner is whole different matter. I’m not Cesar Chavez’s dog!!

Plus I figure I only have one more week of the Santa suit and then it will be packed away with all of the other festive decor so I’ll just deal with until then and hope the ‘Baby New Year’ outfit I saw in the closet was bought for one of their stupid cats!!

Joe Norcott

You know you should get Steve to wear the New Year baby outfit! That would be a hoot! Fair is Fair I say! Glad to see your in the holiday spirit!

Happy Holidays!

Joe Norcott

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