7 Key Strategies To Success


1) Identify An Emotionally Exciting Objective or Goal: Most people lead dull and boring
lives and as a result, have little energy and possess little motivation. The key to achieving
more in life is to get excited about something that you are passionate about. Passion
creates excitement and gives you the energy to slay the daily dragons that suck your time and
energy. If you don’t have a passion then get one because without it you are merely a walking
Zombie stumbling through life.

2) Create A Detailed Written Plan: Once you have identified an objective or goal, sit
down and create, on paper, a blueprint for its achievement. Just as an architect creates a
blueprint for a house, you must create a blueprint for the achievement of your goal. In the
absence of a detailed blueprint, you will merely engage in random acts of behavior that have
the net effect of producing little or no results.

3) Personal Discipline: If you are to achieve your objective you must submit yourself to the
daily discipline of doing the activities and the behaviors necessary for the achievement of the
goal. It doesn’t matter how you feel or whether you want to do the behaviors or not. Bottom
line is, that you must have enough personal discipline to do whatever it takes to achieve the objective.
If you are unwilling to do that then there is little hope of you ever achieving much
more than what you have achieved thus far.

*TIP: keeping a written calendar and scheduling your daily activities will help provide the personal accountability necessary to the achievement of your goal.

4) Commitment: Publish your objective and tell the world of your plans. Nothing like committing
yourself to others and telling people what you are going to do. Once you do this set
about making yourself do what is necessary. As the commercial says, ”Just Do It”.

5) Accountability and Tracking: Institute a written tracking system that helps you monitor
your daily activity and the progress towards your goal. You may consider hiring a coach to
help you stay on track. Join a Mastermind group – I currently am in two – to help hold you
accountable to. Without a tracking system to provide your feedback, you will find yourself
drifting aimlessly about with no direction and little motivation.

6) Celebrate Success: Once you achieve your objective celebrate and take pride in your
accomplishment. Be sure to include your family and friends and others who helped you.

7) Rinse and Repeat: Success is a journey or a process, not a destination. As such, you
never really arrive. True joy comes from the pursuit, not from the victory. Once you
reach a goal or objective, set another exciting objective and start the process all over again.

Lee Weiss

Hi Steve:
You are right on the money with these 7 steps. I don’t know how many mistakes I made that could have been avoided if I was following these steps. Step one is a major deal. I have started a few endeavors with the motivation of income/money….not passion….every one failed. Got to have the right foundation first to build on.


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