A Dog’s Gotta Do What a Dog’s Gotta Do!

I attended my first official photo shoot recently. It was quite the experience. I thought I’d finally hit the big times. I was sure people were screaming for an 8 x 10 glossy of Jake (autographed of course) and Steve decided to give the people ‘what the people wanted’. Looking back I’m not so sure that’s what this particular photo shoot was all about! Turned out to be less enjoyable that any of us could have imagined. First part of the session went fairly well and then someone broke out a pink feather boa. Yes, you heard me – a PINK FEATHER BOA!!

Not sure what Steve had in mind but…. I fought this one every step of the way! Needless to say Steve will no longer be using this particular photographer again – mostly because well, according to the restraining order we’re not allowed within 100 feet of him or his studio! But hey, a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!

This is where you – all my fans – come in. In case my “efforts” to dispose of certain photographs were not successful I need your help. If you happen to see a photo of me in a PINK FEATHER BOA – yes, I’ll say it again – a PINK FEATHER BOA – let me know immediately. If this gets out I’ll never be able to face any of my dog friends ever again! Do you know how traumatic that can be to a dog? If I can’t face them, I can’t sniff them either – trust me that’s traumatic!!