Are Rats Smarter Than Humans?

Sales Advice

If you put a rat in a maze and hide the cheese in the 4th tunnel the rat will eventually find it and return to the 4th tunnel time after time looking for more cheese. If after several successful attempts at finding the cheese, the cheese is removed the rat will continue looking for the cheese in tunnel number four for some period of time. Eventually, however, the rat will cease to look for the cheese in the 4th tunnel, and will accept the fact that the cheese has been moved. The rat will then begin to look elsewhere for the cheese. Not so with human beings. Once human beings “discover” something, they continue to look in the same place and look in the same way over and over again.

Makes no difference if the cheese has been moved humans will resist accepting reality. Instead of accepting this reality and looking in new places or using new methods to discover “the cheese” humans will complain, whine and moan that they can’t find the cheese and insist that somehow it isn’t fair that someone moved their cheese. It seems as though humans would rather be right than find their “cheese”.

In case you haven’t noticed, your cheese has been moved. It is no longer where it used to be and if you insist on looking for it in the same place and in the same way you did a few years ago you will become frustrated, hungry, and possibly out of business. In today’s market, things have changed and so must you. You must change what you sell, how you sell it and who you sell it to. This may not involve a radical change in your business but it does require a change in positioning and how you sell and market. What used to work in selling no longer works. Accept this reality and go to work to become more skilled at selling. Take a course, read a book, get some coaching. But don’t just keep doing the same thing in the same way hoping things will get better because they won’t.