Are You Using LUCK or LOGIC to Select Top Talent?


This Blog post is from a Target Training International newsletter. Permission granted.

Hiring managers have all recounted this story or a similar version over and over again: “Our new hire had all the right experience, good references, and interviewed like a champ!  But here it is, six weeks later, and he’s just not working out.  We can’t ignore the fact that he’s simply wrong for the job, and we made yet another hiring mistake.  Now, we have to start all over again!”

Better luck next time?

Not necessarily.  If you continue to select talent the way you always have, you’re just hoping that you’ll be luckier next time.  Today, with intangible assets accounting for much of a business’s market value, something has to change.

So, what are the options to remedy ineffective hiring practices?  And, which is the logical one?

1. Interview more people, faster!

2. Throw all your resources at recruitment!

3. Find and implement a more effective process!

If you chose number three, you are on the right track. You are beginning to realize that continuing to hire as you always have will not move your business forward.  A new emphasis on identifying and retaining top talent is far overdue.

So, are you willing to invest in a new, logical approach? Or are you going to test your luck against the odds?

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