Be Thankful for What You Have

It’s The Time of Year to Count Your Blessings

There is much to be in angst about these days. High unemployment, depressed housing market, failure of government and civic leaders. I could go on and on, but I won’t because this is the season for thankfulness. A season to stop and take stock of things we should be thankful for.

It is my favorite time of year. A time for reflection. A time to slow down and count my blessings. A time to spend with family and friends. A time to gorge myself with my favorite foods. And a time for a little football.

I am thankful that I can arrange my life as I choose. Coming and going at will, with no one to answer to or have to explain myself. I am thankful for good health, and I am thankful for a loving family. And I am especially thankful to YOU for supporting me and allowing me to pursue my passion of helping others become all they can be.

Things are not perfect – far from it. And unfortunately, there are more rough times ahead for most, but at this time of year we should stop and give thanks for what we have.

Because of superior selling and marketing skills, I am thankful that I am absent many stresses that others have, thankful that I am able to travel to favored places and thankful that you support my Kingdom. Believe it or not, I am very conscious of each of you, and every time I write this column or engage in a coaching call or anything else I do, I have you in mind.

I take very seriously my charge to bring you the sales strategies, techniques, philosophies and insights that help you achieve your heart’s desire. I never take this responsibility lightly and I never forget that our relationship is about much more than just money changing hands. I appreciate the trust and respect you give me. Every time I am tempted to just throw something together I am reminded of your trust and expectation that I always give you my very best. For all of these things I am thankful.

In the end, we are all on the same path and in this thing together. We all are striving for personal freedom to reach our dreams and goals while fighting off those who would rob us of independence and self reliance. I am appreciative and respectful that you are on this path with me and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I am thankful for many things – glad you are thankful too. In reading your column, I feel led to call caution to your reference of ‘Kingdom’. Support should only be given to one ‘Kingdom’ and that is God’s ‘Kingdom’. Aligning yourself with God is a mute point. I’m sure you will say that was not your intent, but perhaps your successes have inflated your view. Just saying…..

Jason Brown

Hi Steve,

Once again your humble and honest approach is refreshing…like a breath of fresh air in a smoked filled room.

I want to whish you and your family a very merry Christmas and all the best of health and Happyness in 2012.

Thank you for doing what you do..


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