Developing Trust and Credibility

Here is a powerful quote on developing trust and respect. I think it gives us all food for thought.

“What few managers realize is that intuitions, emotional contact, influence, trust, believability are all processed in the preconscious areas of the brain — in particular, the limbic system, which servers not only as a gateway to the sites where cognition, or thinking, takes place but as the brain’s emotional center.

Whereas the cognitive brain centers devote their time sifting through words, concepts, and analysis, the emotional brain continuously scans for meaning and judgment from thousands of subtle nuances in voice tone, gestures, eye contact, and a wide range of other behaviors that the cognitive brain centers scarcely register or understand. The limbic system works approximately 80,000 times faster than the conscious cerebral cortex.

The conscious mind can process only 126 bits of information per second and only 40 bits of human speech, yet our senses can receive up to 100 million bits of input per second. The limbic gives us an instantaneous ‘reading’ on believability and trustworthiness during each of our interactions with others. In short: Without believability, we are neither heard or trusted.”

~ Executive EQ, by Robert Cooper, Ph.D.

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