Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Here are a few Direct Mail Marketing Tips offering advice on what to do, how to do it, and what to avoid:

– Know your target audience, and learn how to aim for that audience. This will lower costs and increase the potential return. Purchase a targeted customer list only from a reputable company to generate the highest quality leads possible and avoid sending mail to people who have absolutely no interest in you or your product.

– Try looking at the marketing material from the potential audience’s viewpoint. Does your intended message come across? Is the message worthy of the time necessary to read it or is it boring and poorly written

Before launching any Direct Mail Marketing campaign test the market. This will give quite accurate response numbers on what to expect from a broader campaign in terms of sales. If necessary, try different approaches and re-test to find out what works.

Attach a value added promotion to the marketing material. Sales, rebates or bonus coupons are the key to giving the customer a reason to buy now. A time limited offer will give a faster return on the marketing investment. It can also provide valuable insight into how well the campaign is going.

– Be creative. Creative and targeted material is key otherwise the material will end up in the recipient’s trash can and you’ve wasted a lot of money.

– Make sure that the copy used is top quality. Proofread for grammar and spelling, keep hype to a minimum, and have a headline that’s eye-catching. If the material used is substandard there’s a greater chance that an expensive piece of Direct Mail will end up in the trash.

– Make sure that the copy-writing style matches the campaign’s intent.

A great design can make a big difference in a Direct Mail Marketing campaign’s success. What’s needed is something that stands out without being tasteless, a design that ties in with and enhances the product offered. If need be, hire a graphic designer to guarantee professional, quality marketing materials.

– Plan to use the marketing campaign over an extended period. A one shot mailing won’t offer much in the way of results. It’s just a waste of advertising dollars and simply isn’t worth the effort. An effective direct mail campaign needs be part of long-term marketing strategy.

– Following up with prospects is integral and can have a tremendous impact on the overall success of Direct Mail Marketing. The more personal the follow-up is, the greater the impact it will have.  Still think Direct Mail Marketing is dead? you need to think again!

Have you done a direct mail piece in the last 90 days….?  If so, submit your experience/results below and I may want to interview you for my next Mastermind Group