Dog Days of Summer Vacation

Hey, check out the picture!!

I went on the family vacation to North Carolina. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when Steve mentioned we were going to Mount Mitchell. You know any time it even looks like I’m going to MOUNT something I get hollered at. So  I was a little confused until I realized that Mount was a noun and not a verb in this instance! My bad!! My fear resurfaced  though when Steve commented on Mount Mitchell being the highest peak east of the Mississippi and then grabbed me by the collar – I have to admit I freaked out just a bit. For a split second I was sorry for everything I did on that extremely long car ride….but when I realized he wasn’t tossing me over the edge and simply wanted to take our picture next to the sign I eased up a bit…..well I didn’t COMPLETELY ease up until we stepped away from the edge and headed back to the car!!!  I couldn’t imagine him tossing me over but you never know what’s going to set someone off! Other than that semi-close call – a good time was had by all!!

Until next month!

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