Getting the Best out of Print Advertising

Although for many companies the cost of print advertising in recent years has made it a much less desirable option than Internet marketing, of course using print can still be a highly effective way to generate new leads.

How do you get the best value for your money out of print advertising?

Here are a few tips:

1) If you are looking to generate B2B sales leads rather than boost the company’s image, then steer clear of image ads and focus instead on delivering your message and sharing the benefits that your products or services have to offer.

2) Customers and clients are all about benefits, so be sure to include the key benefit of your offering in the headline of your ad.

3) Help your prospective clients connect the dots, by pointing out the specific applications of your goods or services so people can relate to them immediately.

4) Focus on communicating key points in such a way that they can be picked up easily when someone skims your ad. Everyone is pressed for time these days, so use bullet points, headings and illustrations to get your point across in the most economical way.

5) Use testimonials in your print ads, but make them credible by including the name and job title of the person you are quoting, as well as the company name.

6) Give your sales prospects a reason to act on your ad: offer a free sample, trial or consultation.