Go Ahead – Blame it on the Dog!

New Year’s Eve has come and gone! So are you over the “flu” yet??!! Yeah…EVERY year you spend New Years Day in bed and think just because I’m a dog I’ll fall for that “I must have the flu” excuse when it comes time to take me for a walk or play with me! Hey, Newsflash – I was under the very table where all that drinking was taking place. By the time midnight rolled around I knew you’d have the “flu” in the morning the minute you slid out of your chair and started drinking out of my bowl!

Apparently anything goes on New Years Eve!

And now it’s New Year’s Day…and here I sit by the door anxiously waiting to go out and frolic in the yard while you on the other hand are trying to roll out of bed and come up with a workable cure for a hangover. Well here’s a bit of advice – that “Hair of the dog that bit you” thing is a load of crap. Not sure who came up with that one but I’m a little insulted that I’m even remotely being blamed for any of your New Year’s Eve shenanigans.

Don’t drink and drive OR Drink and blame the dog! What ever happened to personal responsibility? Hey, I think we just came up with your New Year’s resolution for 2011!! Think about it will ya….. because the ‘blame it on the dog’ excuse every New Years (AND every time a strange smell comes up) is getting a little old!!

Until next time……Have a Blessed New Year…
Your Friend, Jake