How To Avoid The Commodity Trap

How as a professional salesperson can you get the prospect to understand that what you sell is different and not a commodity? The answer to this question has more to do with how you do it rather than what you do.

Selling is about style. Style is not an intellectual thing. It is an emotional feeling you get when you are in the presence of someone who has it. All things being equal namely price and product, the salesperson with the most style and ability to connect at an emotional level with the prospect will get the business most of the time.

If this is true then how do you display your style? One of the ways is to behave in a manner that is exactly opposite of your competition. Instead of pitching, convincing or quoting, try becoming a consultant by asking questions, listening and probing to help the prospect discover for themselves what their problems are and ignore the temptation to volunteer information and educate the prospect with your vast array of product knowledge.

In doing this the prospect will come to understand that you are different and do not fit the stereotype of a salesperson. When you do this your prospect will sense that you are different and will open up and begin to share information with you that will help you position yourself as their vendor of choice.