How To Go From Being ‘Almost’ Successful to ‘Highly’ Successful


Are you using your time and power to their full effects? According to success expert and Coach Philip Humbert, most people do not. He says that the choices we make on how to use our time and power has enormous impact or our worldly success, and that the key is to learn how to how use time and power in the most productive ways.

Humbert says that when he compares highly successful people to almost-successful people there are some basic differences in a few key areas. Here they are:

  • Almost-successful people tend to hold back a little from fear. They avoid risk, play it safe and give up their potential power. Highly successful people, while not reckless, use their power more aggressively. They embrace change and take charge. They take measured risks and go for it.
  • Almost-successful people often become frozen by their indecisiveness—and keep themselves in limbo. This means essentially they avoid action because they often believe they have to take giant steps to accomplish their goals. Highly successful people usually take reasonable steps on a daily basis to accomplish their goals. They take action, but it does not result in instantaneous and massive change. Instead, they are ongoing and digestible levels of change.