How to Succeed As a Solopreneur & Live the Life of Your Dreams Part 4

The Mastery of Communication Skills

The third component for success as a solopreneur is the mastery of communication skills. These communication skills include both oral and written skills. Perhaps no other skill is as important as the ability to actively communicate and influence those with whom we would like to do business. Unfortunately, most solopreneurs have poor or almost non-existent effective communication skills.

The communication skills that are necessary for success in business and in life include: writing, speaking, listening, presentation skills, and interpersonal skills. To become a master in each of these areas require training, practice and commitment.

Let’s take a look at each of these individually:

Writing skills are crucial to success because much of our modern communication with potential clients involves sending e-mails and text messages, writing articles, responding to correspondence, and putting together effective presentations. One does not have to be an accomplished novelist in order to be effective as a business communicator. However, one does have to possess the fundamental skills to properly communicate their message in writing.

Speaking skills involve both giving presentations to large and small groups, speaking one on one with prospects and clients, and communicating via the telephone. Entrepreneurs who are poor verbal communicators will find themselves at a disadvantage when communicating with potential clients resulting in a loss of credibility, influence and ultimately income.

Listening skills Most human beings are atrocious listeners and the common mistake most people make when speaking with others is failing to listen intently for the meaning behind the words and nonverbal communication that the other person is trying to convey. Most people listen only with the intent of replying and stating their message. In short, people do not hear what others are saying and they simply can’t wait for them to shut up so that they can state their own point of view or make their comment.

William James, the famous Harvard psychologist, stated many years ago that the greatest human need is the need to be understood. Failure to communicate to the other party your sincere interest in understanding their position gives the impression that you don’t care and are simply consumed by your own agenda. This self-centeredness will prevent bonding and rapport from occurring. There is a reason that God gave us two ears and one mouth. That should be a constant reminder to all of us that we are to listen twice as much as we speak.

Copywriting skills, according to Dan Kennedy, is the single most important skill for the entrepreneur to master. Effective copywriting, according to Kennedy is salesmanship in print. Those who master the art of copywriting have a superior advantage over those who lack this crucial skill.

Presentation skills and the ability to articulate and clearly present a compelling message in person to a group or to an individual will ultimately new client acquisition and business longevity. Effective presentation skills include mastery of the spoken word, as well as, effective nonverbal communication. In the presence of others, we are evaluated based on our effectiveness to communicate. Just as an actor must practice their lines to perform flawlessly so should an entrepreneur practice their presentation skills if they are to achieve the same result.

There is a lot to being a successful solopreneur. Those who master themselves and are willing to embark on a journey of continuous, never ending personal improvement and skill enhancement have great potential of reaching income levels only dreamed about by the average person. Those who through ignorance, arrogance, slovenly personal habits and laziness have no such hope.