In Like a Lion??!!

I once heard it said that “March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb”….What does that even mean?!!

I guess the nasty weather/fierce Lion gentle spring/Lamb analogy is the best you people could do. If that’s the case why not “March comes in like a Pit Bull and goes out like a Chihuahua”?? Why give the lions & lambs all the recognition for that month. The lions are already the most popular attraction at the zoo and lambs are the first thing kids run to at a petting zoo so why not give a dog a bit of the action! No, we get “Dog Days of Summer” which is what everyone hollers in mid-August while they’re wiping sweat off of themselves. Hardly the image any self respecting dog wants to project!

Lions get snow drifts. Lambs get to welcome spring. Dogs get sweat. It’s an insult to say the least. So this summer when you think about hollering at the first sign of sweat – please, I beg you, for my sake, do NOT use the “Dog Days of Summer” analogy. Come up with a new one…give the ‘sweat’ reference to the pig. They won’t mind – they’re pigs!!