It’s That Time of Year Again!!

Halloween again already??!!!

Ok it’s Halloween – I get that you humans have made it a tradition of dressing funny and then running from house to house begging for candy – Well actually I don’t get it but for the purpose of this article I’ll pretend like I do. But what I will NOT pretend to like is that you insist on involving your animals in this charade! Look at that picture – could I look any more absurd??!!  You can bet your last dollar you’ll never see Steve prancing around with a yard of tulle draped around his shoulders – not that that hasn’t taken place – he was just smart enough to introduce those pictures to the shredder in his office!!

Look people – we’ll sit quietly at your side and help you hand out candy but please let that be your pets only involvement in this ridiculous holiday you call Halloween!!!

Where is PETA when we REALLY need them??!!!