Knowledge Does Not Equal Success

While it is true that mastery of basic reading, writing, and computation skills are necessary to function in our highly competitive global environment, most notable academics and educators – whose ranks I used to belong – mistakenly believe that the more education one acquires the more successful they will become.

Not true.

Education does not necessarily and automatically equal success. This myth can be disproved by looking at the number of educated individuals in the workplace who are mediocre and often routinely underperform.

When you pull up the skirt and look under the academic table, you will find many self-serving motivations behind the perpetuation of this myth – most notably the motivation of self preservation and self justification by the educators themselves.

For the record, I have two college degrees. A BS and a Master’s in the field of education. I have also taught at the university level so my observations come from someone who has been an insider.

If knowledge is not the key to success then what is?

The key is behavior not knowledge and not attitude – although attitude and behavior often mirror each other.

When it is all said and done, it is what you do not what you know or how you feel or think that produces results. Behavior dictates attitude not vice versa. Behavior changes body chemistry in such as way as to produce chemical compounds that enhance one’s feeling.

A perfect example of this is exercise. Regardless of how one feels, if you engage in exercise of sufficient intensity and duration there is a pleasurable “natural high” that is obtained through the release of endorphins.

If you want a formula for success, here is what I suggest. An adequate knowledge base of the subject material, plus years of dedicated “bust ass hard work”, coupled by a positive expectancy of results.

In this culture of instant gratification, “give me a shortcut “and “I want it now”, this is not a formula that will be accepted by the weak, lazy and soft mass of mediocrity.

I urge you to embrace this truth – even if unattractive – and go to work immediately to make your dreams come true. If you do you will find that you have no competition.