Most People Spend Their Entire Lives As Quitters

kenneth cole story

When Kenneth Cole, the shoe guy, was starting out he wanted to exhibit at his industry’s trade show in New York. Because he was broke, he could not afford to pay the stiff price for exhibit space inside the hall. So, he got the bright idea of just renting a motor home, parking itoutside the convention hall, and inviting attendees into it to see his shoes.

When he went to get a permit, he was told that nobody got permits to park anything on a major New York street for three days. For 99% of business owners that would have been the end of that. But Cole was not just anybody. He thought about and knew that there must be away.

“Who he ask himself could get a permit’?

Answer: TV and movie production companies who parked trailers and vans on New York streets all the time.

He quickly registered a new business—Kenneth Cole Productions, had that sign made for his rented motor home, got a permit, hired guys with film cameras with no film in them, laid down a red carpet and spent three days with his motor home parked rightwhere he wanted, grabbing attention with the filming, inviting people in, and selling shoes like crazy. That’s what we call RENEGADE MILLIONARIE thinking in action. It’s more than an example of sticking with something rather than giving up on it at first strong wind or failure.

I have had numerous opportunities to give up and quit on a number of things in my life, but never have.

I have been broke, had my water turned off for nonpayment, been sued in Federal Court and paid out my life savings of $144,000 to attorneys to defend myself, have had significant family medical issues, have been fired from a sales job, and a host of other things that would have crushed most people. But I am not most people. I am a winner who is undeterred by failure.

Today, my income ranks in the top 5% of all people in America. I am a published author and sought after speaker. I have total freedom todo what I want, when I want and with whom I want. I own not one but several businesses and have clients scattered all over the globe. I currently hold a US Coast Guard Captains License and spend considerable time pursuing offshore fishing. Life is good.

Wasn’t always that way. Truth is, everything I am now good at, I once sucked at.

I have no special talent except that I don’t know the meaning of quit.

Today hundreds and hundreds of people are glad that I did not quit this sales and marketing thing because I have liberated them from the quagmire of an ordinary income and lifestyle, constant disappointment, and guided them in turning ordinary businesses and professions into extraordinary ones—creating extraordinary financial success in the bargain. You will meet some of them month after month and be inspired by some, be shown the way to your own breakthroughs by some, providing, of course, you stick with us long enough and don’t quit.