No One Ever Said Success Was Going To Be Easy

One of the great myths perpetuated in our society is that success in life and in business will be or should be easy. Hogwash! Anyone who has been around the block a few times knows that this is a complete falsehood. Nothing and I mean nothing, ever comes easy or painless.

Just this week, an old college friend and camping buddy of mine came for a visit. His day job is the CEO of his own privately-owned ad agency that employs about 55 people and does between 60 –70 million in yearly revenue. In his spare time, he is an organic blueberry farmer.

Six years ago, he took out a $900,000 bank loan and bought a big chunk of land. In the last six years, he has taken out a home equity loan, cashed in his life insurance policy and a significant part of his retirement fund, refinanced every loan he has and put every spare dime he can get his hands on to clear the land, put in irrigation and frost-proof systems, buy farm equipment, build a packing house and barn, and buy thousands of blueberry plants.

This year, his farm finally produced twenty-seven thousand pounds of blueberries. His profit was zero. Next year he should produce twice that amount and finally, make a profit. With his profits, he will be able to pay down his huge debt load in a few short years.

Once he pays off his debt, if all goes well, he will begin to turn a profit of a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year for the next couple of decades.

When he does, most people will say he was lucky.

He is not lucky, He is a dreamer with a huge vision that believes in himself, and he has the balls to put everything on the line to realize his dream.

97% of those walking the planet have nowhere near the vision or courage to do what this guy has done.

How about you? Do you still have dreams and the courage to do what it takes to achieve them?