On The Road – Finally!

Okay, so they finally took me with them on the family vacation. I guess I did ok – they didn’t end up leaving me on the side of the road anywhere (I have to admit that thought crossed my mind a time or two!!)

Since this was my first vacation and my first time riding for any length of time with the family let me see if I got this right:

• You only stop when you need gas or one of the kids threatens to throw up in the car!!

• You’re not allowed to open that bag of Cheetos that was purchased to eat on the trip because we’ll get the seats all cheesy!!

• Talk radio is just that – no tunes at all !!

• Your Grandmother’s afghan that is strategically placed in the back window is NOT for my personal use!

• You were serious about putting me in that doggy restraint contraption in the middle of the back seat and yet your arm was allowed to hang out the window for the entire trip. (and you know full well how I love to hang out the window!)

• The rest stops are for bathroom breaks and I’m only allowed to go in that one lone spot that’s been “pet designated” – you know the spot that’s never near where Steve parked the car. And by the time they argue about who’s going to take me to the “spot” I’ve already peed down both legs!

• You cannot get a dog treat at the McDonald’s drive thru but they hand them out EVERY time when we drive thru at the bank!

Turns out going on vacation with the family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe next year I’ll opt out and just stay with a neighbor. Comparatively speaking, lying around the house and licking myself is more of a vacation than I actually realized. Kudos to Steve for trying. He might have that sales training thing down pat but he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to entertaining his dog!

Oh and don’t tell Steve but the girls were sneaking Cheetos and letting me lick their fingers the whole time!! It was a win-win situation. They got Cheetos and Steve didn’t get cheesy residue on his stinking car seats! Now all we have to do is hope he doesn’t check under the passenger seat. Learned something else on this family vacation – apparently I get car sick!