On the Road!

Hey, I’m in the Carolinas. Not sure which one – North or South – but it doesn’t really matter. I’m away from the house and it doesn’t involve a trip to my Vets office or me spinning around on the front seat waiting for Steve to come out of the post office.

I can already sense the next few articles running thru my head – no wait that’s the wind. They’re letting me ride with my head out the car window!!  Okay I’m inside now and yep…the articles are starting to flow…..Most of them will involve stories about car sickness or them trying to get me to go to the bathroom at one of those filthy rest stops but there will be articles I can promise you that. And speaking of rest stops – did you know dogs are NOT ALLOWED in rest stop bathrooms along our country’s highways??!!!  Really? I sat under a tree and watched some PEOPLE walk into those bathrooms that should have been BANNED. And I was close enough to smell those places – believe me, the worst thing I could do in one of those bathrooms is walk around and look under each stall……….anything else would have paled in comparison to some of the things the people were doing in there!! And where is PETA when they’re really needed. Talk about animal abuse –  All of the “Pet Relief Area’s” are adjacent to the “18 Wheeler Parking Only” area. I guess someone, somewhere had the bright idea that if a dog can’t breathe because of the diesel fuel there’s less of a chance of them dilly dallying long enough to actually go to the bathroom hence saving the state money in Clean Up fees!!  Your Congress at work again!!

All I can say is stay tuned….I’m out of the house and I’m looking to make some memorable ‘article writing’ moments or at least ones I can write about and actually tell anyone!!  Some may not  be suitable for printing – a dog can only hope! I’m guessing we’ll all have some crazy pet vacation stories to tell in the coming months. Share your pet vacation stories below in the comment area.  It will make everyone feel good knowing they’re pooch is as crazy as everyone elses!!