Perception in Selling

perception sales

Marketing is a battle of perception, not product or services.

The truth of the matter is you don't sell anything to anybody else themself. So it's all about perception. It's perception in the mind of the people that you want to influence and do business with.

It really is about positioning yourself owning the minds of the people that you want to connect with or attract.

Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle perceptions. It's a battle of changing people's perception, influencing people's perceptions so there's no objective reality, there are no facts, totally perceptions all turn into facts.

Everybody's got alternative facts, right? Fake news? Everything is propaganda. Every single thing is propaganda and it's all about trying to move people into a certain way of thinking.

So there's no such thing as the best product or service.

What one person thinks is the best another person can think exactly the opposite. So who's the judge what's the best? Who judges what's the best product or service? The answer is every individual consumer judges what's best.

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